Will Activision Kill Sony?

The Sony Playstation 3 is starting to look shaky in an otherwise brilliant video game market. The console may not survive another year.

The PS3 was always meant to last for a very long time. It took about five years for Sony to start making a profit from the Playstation 2, and the PS3 was supposed to follow the same path as a media center powerhouse with gaming roots. Three years into the system's life cycle, Sony's gaming division is still bleeding cash every quarter. And now the industry itself is starting to lose patience with Sony.

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GayASSAdmins3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

no, will hurt alot though.
lol @ that site's name.

Genesis53450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I have 45 PS3 games and not one of them are made by Activision. Make of that what you will.

Why has N4G taken such an anti Sony stand? Not very becoming of a gaming web site trying to be taken seriously. This is probably at least the 5th article like this today and the 20th of the week.

Not trying to point fingers but this can only end up costing the site visitors in the long run.

chewy3173450d ago

This is such a joke, everyone knows activision wont do it, they are simply saying it to voice their concerns, not announcing it.

KampferZeon3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I think the only way to stop these pointless blogs from anonymous sites is to have a "Disapprove" button next to the "Approve" button

Of course that will create a problem of "approve" and counter "disapprove" fanboys mini wars.

But assuming the majority of N4G users are reasonable, and set a ratio of "2 disapprove" can cancel out "1 approve" then, these pointless stories will have a much longer time showing on the main page.

Of course banning the original post contributor could help too, but they could always create a new account.

chewy3173450d ago

Its sad how these articles still manage to get approval, even when they write nonsensical and utterly stupid articles.

GWAVE3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Hahahahah! Didn't even give their site a click. What a funny joke.

I can't say I'm surprised that it was Bloodmask who approved this.

Hellsvacancy3450d ago

Instead of that how about killin the source of these bullsh|t articles - BLOODMASK

ultimolu3450d ago

Show me how much it'll hurt?
Please show everyone an example of this. One company is going to doom the PS3.

Keep it up.

ABizzel13450d ago

Hells no. It would put a damper on Sony, but it would kill Activision.

Double Toasted3450d ago

Can you pm me a list of those games please.

xztence3450d ago

"certain fans" are at it again with their "ps3 is DOOMED" articles.
please use your time for something else then posting worthless joke articles on this pathetic joke of a site.

mastiffchild3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I know.I honestly doubt he has time to EVER play a game as he's too caught up in a personal quest to find these know-nothing copy and paste "Sony iz teh doooomed!!" articles.

Plus anyone, or any site taking Activision as anything other than THE mobet reviled company in gaming right now is being very daft. Why don't we wait and see if a price cut/slim launch alongside GT5 or GOW3 happens and then see how "doomed" PS3 is(even if seven/ten of my favourite games this gen have been PS3 games). Even now it's still selling at the same pace the 360 did over it's first three years(one of which it had NO competition)and at a higher price.

Every week Sony get nearer to making a profit as costs are cut from what was a flabby company drunk on success selling a system with dear parts(another cost currently being slashed)so the tone of these artcles gets ever more frantic-and in any case the install base is already both too big to abandon and too lucrative too.

SuperM3450d ago

i dont even have to insult them, they say it so well themselves.

HolaTarola3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

@Genesis, like you I also have 42 PS3 games, not a single one of them is made by Activision.. I'm looking forward to Modern Warfare 2 though..

Jinxstar3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Report the story and user. It breaks the guidelines

You can also post articles to N4G. Articles posted to N4G should be of interest to the gaming community and be professional and well written. Opinion pieces are also OK as long as they are 'written by well established websites' or 'people who work in the game industry.'

We don't need anymore of this BS Bloodmask keeps submitting.

xwabbit3450d ago

If they did this, i would hurt them more. Half of there $ came from all Sony platforms, and when it comes to money they get a bigger share than Sony

El Botto3450d ago

Want some facts?

If we deduct the 360s one year headstart, the PS3 has a LARGER install base than the 360.

On multi platform games, with the exception of a few, most games see HIGHER ATTACH rates on the PS3. Meaning developers earn MORE on the PS3 than on the 360.

"but, but, but PS3 exclusives dont sell" One trick pony 360 has the majority of FPS shooter fanbase. ANY FPS will do well on the 360. PS3 is not a one trick pony and excells in EVERY genre (even in FPS this gen). Therefore, PS3 exclusives are tailored to a whole range of audiences and thus sell a little less.

But if you want to talk about sales, GT5 MURDERS FORZA, HALO and not so exclusive GEARS...FKING COMBINED.

Activision is the self proclaimed largest publisher. Sony is ten times larger than Activision. Another fking FACT you need to get through your head.

One third of Activisions sales DEPENDS on Sony consoles. Thats one fking THIRD. Without Sony, Activision will drop from self proclaimed number 1 to number 26.

ONE THIRD OF ALLLLLLLL REVENUE in the video game market LAST YEAR (2008 for you dummies) CAME FROM THE PS3. There is not a single developer who DARES to cut PS3 support. Like it or not, Sony is the industry leader and PS3 is here to stay and conquer.

Blu Ray, the exclusive format for the PS3, is the standard HD format. And no matter how "long" it will take for it to take over DVD, its not going ANYMORE. Because its the ONLY format thats adopted, supported AND commercially CHEAP enough to be succesfull.

And fyi BLU RAY is being adopted FASTER than DVD ever did.

"but, but, but, PS3 is dying"

Riiiigghhhhttt. They just blew E3 out the water and people called it the best line up ever. STFU you have no idea what you are talking about.

The only one who needs to worry is Microsft with their 9 billion XBOX adventure hole.

Anon19743450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

And ignoring the fact that the PS3's lifetimes sales is millions better than the 360 at this point in it's life.
How can so many journalists all overlook that one simple fact?

Edit: And how can anyone disagree with that? It's a fact. 2 1/2 years in, PS3 is just shy of 23 million. The 360 was at 19 million. Obviously consumers have spoken, and they're adopting the PS3 much quicker than they did the 360.

All Time Greatness3450d ago

^^^^Sorry but LOL @ Nasim having a Hissy fit.

Nasim, stop trying to hide and just have one of your classic BS spam fest's where you make up all your facts and numbers because none are in PS3's favor.

solidjun53450d ago (Edited 3450d ago ) huh? Tell me something poor man's Walter Kronkite; How long did it take for you to write this article this time? You must be getting better at this. I mean, how is it that you're the only one finding these precious articles from websites/publications from website no one else and their momma could find? hmmmm...

3450d ago
kwyjibo3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

The Motley Fool is one of the top ranking investment sites around.

Whether or not you agree with the opinion, this isn't some niche website - it ranks consistently higher in traffic ranks than N4G. You and your momma might not know it, because actually putting money where your mouth is, ie investing, scares you.


EDIT - Yes, of course you invest, that's why you've never come across Have you heard of the WSJ? The Financial Times?

I take it you just go by the stars. Imbecile.

talltony3450d ago

Have to be a complete idiot to think Sony would let activision get away. It's not gonna happen, Sony will work something out if they are serious. But trust me nothing will happen people, ull see.

IdleLeeSiuLung3450d ago

I agree, is a great resource of information and opinion pieces.

It is far from a blog type site and people will pick a apart an article given the opportunity. I like because people there are logical even though they might disagree with you.

Shadow Flare3450d ago

This is no longer a news site really is it? Its just a digital land-fill for garbage these days. "Will the ps3 last another year?". For someone to even ask that is border line retarded. "Will sony quit hardware?", "Next ps3 to be bluray-less". These aren't articles, they're opinions that aren't wanted on this site because the level of stupidity is unprecedented. It makes me wonder if there are actually any professional writers in the gaming world or if they're all just fanboys and spastics

solidjun53450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

NOOOO, I haven't heard of it artard!

I'm going to get my investments tips just like you. Go to Madame Cleo and have her tell me which is good, all while screaming "TELL ME NOW!". It's working for you, isn't it? imbecile.

EDIT: you astound me. If you want to know that. I go to My cousin is a broker. I'm not telling you my portifilio. What else you want my social security. BYE.

commodore643450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

will activision kill sony?

Sony is doing that themselves.

The PS3 is in third place, and likely to stay there until 2015 and beyond.
It's just astounding how many people seek to spin this with rhetoric and half-baked opinions.
Predictably, a flame bait article like the one above shows up and out come the Sony apologists.

Given the overwhelming success of the ps2, weren't we all expecting so much more from the ps3?
The ps3 is, after all, the third iteration of the world winning playstation brand.
Yet.... Sony messed it up, royally!
Is it any wonder the head honcho of activision is making these calls?

Consumers certainly have spoken and they have voted the ps3 into third place.

End of.

Hisiru3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

You have 45 games but you don't have Call of Duty and Guitar Hero? What kind of loser are you?
_____________________________ ______________________________ _ ____
This will hurt but the PS3 has a lot of excelent exclusives (MGS4, Uncharted, Killzone 2, etc), PS3 owners will not miss Activision.

btw you can't die without play Uncharted.

kwyjibo3450d ago

lol solidjun, you claim you invest, yet you've never heard of the Motley Fool.

I just don't believe you. I don't believe that anyone could go into the stock market, doing so little research on the companies and instruments on offer - to have not come across the Motley Fool.

It's not whether you accept what they say or not, but to be so blind ignorant that you've never heard of them. It's just incredulous.

I take it all the investing you do, is placing it into your bank. I mean, who's your broker? What are your positions?


And yet, you're somehow claiming that I goto Madame Cleo? There's absolutely no logic to your misplaced insults. I suggested you goto the stars for advice, because you have no idea about the financial media landscape. Yet you claim that it's me, someone who actually researches their picks who looks to gypsies.

Get your act together. Your lack of knowledge is astounding.

xwabbit3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Shadow don't for get "Should Sony Stop making Hardware?"

commodore64 u rlly dk anything do u lol, 360= 16 months b4 the PS3 was out. PS3 has been selling faster, haven't u seen NPD data lately or what ?

Some people in here are rlly slow man lol

Consoldtobots3450d ago

"The console may not survive another year"

stopped reading the intro right there, anyone who thinks Sony will pull the plug on its flagship console in the next year is smoking some SERIOUS dope.

rockleex3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

If I don't click on the link, then this website will not get any hits from me. Meaning less profit for the website. But will that kill the website?

No! There are hundreds of thousands of other people who will click on the link. Not only that, the website probably posts up multiple articles per day so this article alone doesn't determine the website's future.

On that same note, Activision is not the PS3's only source of revenue. In fact, if Activision left... other devs will just step in. Sony will just fund more devs and create more exclusive IPs. PS3 gamers who want Activision games will just buy it for the PC.

Everybody wins... except for Activision. They'll just miss out on 4-6 million sales per COD game. ^_^

NickIni3450d ago

Realistically, the chances of Activition stopping to support Sony are slim. Why would any company cut out a massive proportion of the market? A proportion which continues to grow.

SupaPlaya3450d ago

And it's coming back to haunt us!!

LoVeRSaMa3450d ago

Imo Sony could live off its first party line up, some multiplat devs could not touch Sony.

Source =

enough said.

rockleex3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

About 20 minutes into the episode, they talk about Activision's statements about the PS3.

Its a pretty good analysis of the situation.

JD_Shadow3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Yet this site is "run by the PS3 fanboys/SDF" that "work fast".

Jaces3450d ago


But it will hurt Activision significantly.

nothere4133450d ago


jadenkorri3450d ago

I've almost completely stopped coming here, might come once a week now if lucky, but every time, its anti ps3 articles... Look 360 fanboys,the ps3 is not failing, its journalism thats failing, the lack of intelligence, lack of investigation, lack of everything thats common sense, which then give blogger fanboys to post these stupid articles. Activision will not leave sony, it would be stupid if they did.

slayorofgods3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Everyone with a brain knows the PS3 will survive another year. The author and the supporters of this article know it as well, they are just trying to release their animosity towards the PS3 and I think every PS3 owner reading this article understands that all too well.

slayorofgods3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Is it because...
1. You want the PS3 to fail and by dissagreeing with any pro PS3 comment gives you the power to bring down the PS3.
2. The PS3 will no longer be on the market in one year because of activision.

#1 makes the most sense.

gambare3450d ago

"Will Activision Kill Sony?"

Did Rare killed Sony?
Did Epic killed Sony?
Did Valve killed Sony?

JL3449d ago

First off, this is laughable at best to even think one company with really only 2 games (franchises) that people buy, could even begin to kill Sony. And one of those franchises has a very definite substitute in Rock Band (that Sony Music might even start backing well just to spite Activision if something like this happened). That being said, I'm just laughing this off and moving on.

Now on to the whole Bloodmask thing. I agree that he posts some of the most flamebait lame articles around, so I'm not going to defend him. Though not all the blame should be layed on him, as some also needs to go onto the ones that approved this article. Here's the problem: If you pay attention, you'll notice that several of these people who approve articles (at least a couple that approved this even) they go through and just approve every article they come across (assumedly to rack up score or something? i don't know, but they do), even going so far as to blatantly ignore any valid reports and approve anyways (and several of these people have several approval votes so their approval holds some real weight in getting flamebait articles through). Of course it doesn't help when some people seemingly have mods in their pocket or something and all reports against said user and his/her submissions are ignored.

Game13a13y3449d ago

i didn't even bother to click and read that garbage. anyone with half a brain could figure out that this just ain't gonna happen. Activision needs Sony, if they cut support for Sony consoles, its like saying they are literally cutting their own hands and legs off. please, if these dumbass should try to write a flamebait article, at least gave more effort on trying. meh.

Raz3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago ) least the site has the right name. There's obviously a wide variety of fools running around on there.

Syronicus3449d ago

Not Activision's. I do however think that this article is trash and that there is no way Activision will follow through with their silly threat.

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THC CELL3450d ago

how can 1 company kill a console
spec a console that has more developers than other consoles

LarVanian3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

The real question is how can one simple game company kill a huge big corporation that specializes in movies, music, games,consoles, tvs and mp3s such as Sony? lol

likedamaster3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Sega ceased production of the Dreamcast as soon as they got word from EA that they won't be supporting the console.

With the ps3 it's not likely but very much possible.

rockleex3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I never knew Sega was a corporation that had their hands in multiple industries such as Sony?

Sony and Microsoft can never be killed in the console war unless they choose to move out after MULTIPLE generations of not making enough profit. Why? Because they have too many sources of revenue from other industries to back them up if they are hit hard in the video game industry.

Nintendo and Sega don't have that luxury. Heck, Nintendo suffered from the Nintendo 64 AND Gamecube, yet they're stronger than ever now! Sega suffered MULTIPLE generations before finally butting out.

Microsoft has only suffered one generation, they're doing fairly well this generation. Sony isn't really even suffering that much this generation in terms of sales. PS3s are selling at a higher rate than the 360 at the same point in its lifetime, at a higher price too.

ALL_STAR_283450d ago

You're right the title of the artical should be "Will Acitvision Kil themselves by dropping support for the Playstation Brand"

aaron58293449d ago

I stopped reading after "The console may not survive another year"

Didnt even bother to click "Go to source"


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Zhuk3450d ago

Yet again the fandroid thought police have come to silence free and objective thought on this site, this article is an enlightening and thought provoking read, I enjoyed it immensely.

LarVanian3450d ago

Lol nice to have you back.

OmarJA3450d ago

Keep it, you the only xbot i didn't add to the ignore list cause your retarded comments always makes me ROFL.

Zhuk3450d ago

Only Xbox 360 has the biggest and best hits for 2009 and 2010, with a countless array of AAA titles being announced and displayed at E3 the Xbox 360 is going to completely transform the way we enjoy home entertainment in the living room, effectively finally giving consumers the power of a digital lifestyle at their fingertips.

While the Xbox 360 gets more and more AAA hits every year, the PS3 continues its lame duck status with endless mediocre titles that fail to resonate with the public due to the inferior quality of Sony titles. Nobody wants to play games like Uncharted, Killzone or Infamous when compared to the hottest Xbox 360 exclusives that come out every holidays.

The PS3 is dying fandroids, and its because of the PS3's inferior architecture and Sony's inherent inability to provide games that people actually want to play for the system.

The people have spoken, and they side with Xbox 360

OmarJA3450d ago

ROFL! well last time i checked PS3 had 4 AAA titles this year on the other hand the 360 had none...


user39158003450d ago

Dont go around and said that it wont happened, because the word its already out that the PS3 sucks a babooms ass and so does their droids. They should kill it because even the wii has better graphics than the PS3 and the wii its last gen.

The PS3 has the same processing power that the gamecube had (horrible).

Im having BBQ and grilling a few hot dogs and hamburgers on my PS3 Grill. They should taste cellofried.

LarVanian3450d ago

I wish Dark Sniper was here. It would be great seeing him and Zhuk battle it out lmao.

TheMART3450d ago

@ OmarJA

Dude I only count two

KZ2 got higher then 9 out of 10 but is generic
Uncharted 2 will be above 9 out of 10

Thats about it with your AAA PS3 games there.

360 gets Forza 3, Halo: ODST and L4D 2

Don't know dude, you count like a donkeys ars.

ZOMBIEMAN13450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

you just thought me something today you thought me it is possible for a fanboy to be that retarded you are more retarded than jason 360 360 man & why dis congratulations your 2 comments are so retarded and just delusional really have you seen the PS3 games of 09 even Aaron Greenburg from MS thinks MLB 09 The Show for PS3 is the best baseball game really i could go and prove you wrong on everything you just said but what would be the point you'd just call me a droid and make sh!t up to prove yourself right . go kill yourself or get mental help you need it
@ TheMart you also forgot MLB 09 The Show AAA

iDystopia3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Sony just give up and GTFO, I'm soo tired of hearing about how bad you and your PS3rd sucks.


dustgavin3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Don't mind the angry 360 fans. They are all just scared of the imminent destruction to their outdated console. If Ps3 is able to keep up with 360 having a year lead and price cuts, imagine what is going to happen once the price drops and the PS3 slim console comes out.

Microsoft fans are just scared and bashing on Ps3 is all they have.

DarkSniper3450d ago

Activision has grossed up to several billion dollars off the PlayStation franchise alone. PlayStation 2 leads the way in Guitar Hero sales surpassing Xbox 360 by double the amount. Sony's platforms gives Activision the proper headway to catapult their finances and capitalize on their status as the number one publisher.

Without Sony, Activision would plummet into bankruptcy. Their livelihood depends on the Sony Snipers that spans across three platforms, each of which provides a stable of AAA games to compliment their own lineup of games.

Xbox 360 has no place in today's gaming industry. With the fall of Activison, Microsoft will perish along with them. It's painstakingly obvious that Xbox 360 is on the state of decline and not even Activision can rescue Microsoft from their financial and technological failures.

Sony doesnt need Activision, Activision needs Sony.


zag3449d ago

mmm... Sony game Div bleeding cash every month?

Even though from a business view point Sony's game div on some months sells more than the Wii and 360's combined monthly sales.

maybe the sites name, is what the person who wrote this is.

Ilikegames763449d ago

is more likely to kill MS than Activision killing Sony.

AngryTypingGuy3449d ago

OK, I'm am convinced that Zhuk and Dark Sniper are the same person and just messing with everybody. You guy(s) are hilarious! C'mon Zhuk/Sniper, am I right? PM me and let me know, I won't tell!

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yoghurt3450d ago

This is a joke right? please don't clutter N4G with this BS.

StanLee3450d ago

Agreed. Read the first paragraph and just shook my head. Didn't even bother to follow the link to the article.