Gran Turismo 5: Release not in this year?

According to different sources, Gran Turismo 5 will not be released in this year. However, Sony defended a new release period; more info under the following link. Keep Sony its promise at this time? We will see.

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The Meerkat3449d ago

Is GT5 the new Duke Nukem?

LarVanian3449d ago

Not really.
The difference between the two is that one was in development for 10 years and was canceled just recently and the other has been in development for just a few years and will most surely be coming out within the next year.
So no GT5 is not the new Duke Nukem :D.

3449d ago
El Botto3449d ago

Killzone 2
Demons Souls
Yakuza 3
MLB The Show

The second half of this year:
Ratchet and Clank
Uncharted 2
Fat Princess
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
WipeOut Fury

We dont wait. We play beyond.


militant073449d ago

for the sake of god, stop posting the "AAA" ps3 titles.

not everyone interseted in all ps3 exclusive for me im not intersted in

Infamous, Killzone2, flower. MLB and Demon Soul.

i'd like US version Yakuza 3

and for the upcoming games im much intersted in Uncharted 2 , nothing more, and sure GT5 if its coming this year
and thats just my opinion

poindat3449d ago

There is a playable version in the form of Prologue, numerous screens and a trailer, and KY himself stated a few days ago that "We will give the release date of Gran Turismo 5 soon."

I love how people blurt out this nonsense without a single thought.

Oner3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

And for the 5th+ time ~

"Kazunori laughed at the notion of a 2010 release date for Gran Turismo 5, and said it will be released sooner than expected."

Source ~

rockleex3449d ago

I never knew Duke Nukem Forever released a Prologue version? I would have bought it to get a glimpse of what they have accomplished so far!


Remember, it took Polyphony Digital five years to make Gran Turismo 1.

beavis4play3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

too human and alan wake have had their own development issues. it's part of the game-making business and not console specific.

quit you're trolling.

Dannagar3449d ago

Well, the PSP is 5 years into it's life and Gran Turismo has yet to be released for it and GT was one of the first games shown for it. Just look at it's track record.

tee_bag2423449d ago

No its not the next dude nukem

some nice comments "militant07"

Im also waiting for Yakuza 3 hardcore.

sunil3449d ago

@Oner -- He laughed at 2010, but its soon nearing the close of 2009... and no release date yet !!

GT5 was going to be my first console racing simulator... was all hyped up for it... but how long can they expect me to wait? I know they eye for perfection, but still !

Oner3449d ago

This year the PS3 Slim + GT5 will be out and almost definitely a bundle as well.

FamilyGuy3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

No, as far as I can remember ALL GT games have have been polished to perfection before release and we were told a looong time ago that the reason prologue was being released was because the full game was so far off.

It'll be out in less than a year, if it makes it out this year all the better.

I don't list ps3 exclusive because i like multi-plats too so i just simply link my wish list.

Does anyone else actually fill their's in besides me? lol

Beast_Master3449d ago

I mean how long does it take to do a NASCAR, Indy Car, Rally Car, Street racing and sports car game in one? I mean it is only 5 games in one. Polyphany digital are the laziest developers in history!


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Carbide73449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

This isn't even legitimate, at least I don't buy it. I'm really hoping for an '09 release, it's like my most anticipated game right now.

fuckoffodion3449d ago

No I feel for you.

Brain cells are failing you right? tsk tsk

randomwiz3449d ago

don't worry, this is another rumor, just like the all the different rumors that GT5 would release in Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 09

yoghurt3449d ago

I love it no official dates ATALL yet. This article is saying that there is a RUMOUR, that is suggesting the RUMOURED date is longer happening and the RUMOUR is there is a new RUMOURED release window.

LOVE speculation and RUMOUR.

OmarJA3449d ago

Although i hope it comes this year but i think it's better not...

So many PS3 exclusives coming this year.

k jules3449d ago

Why does everybody say that when a game gets delayed. A man can't live on only exclusives. And btw, I'm sure 360 has more of 'em, but that's not the point. People that say things like 'too many exclusives anyway' are always fanboys. At least say just games, cuz do you really want to miss out on Assassin's Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, Borderlands, Bioshock 2 etc? It's GAMES and not exclusives that make gaming fun. Why can't people see that?

nycredude3449d ago


Maybe, if you stop to think that not everyone feels the way you feels, that they like to buy exclusives...

Not traying to bash just a though. When I figure out which games I will buy I look at the exclusives first, then if I have time and money left over I buy the multiplats.

Knghtz3449d ago

Why would you look at the exclusives first?

No offense but your statement makes no sense. If you want to play a good game you look for good games, I don't understand your logic at all.

Myze3449d ago


A good game is a good game, but it's pretty accurate to say that the majority of good games are exclusive. Or, to be put a better way, the majority of exclusives are good games, at least compared to multi-plats.

Knghtz3446d ago

While I'm not denying that may or may not be true, the fact still stands that if you only look at exclusives before the games themselves, you might (and probably will) be doing yourself a disservice.

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