Final Fantasy I, II confirmed for US PSPs

The Final Fantasy franchise will be two decades old this year, and to celebrate the occasion, publisher Square Enix earlier this year revealed that it is re-mastering Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II for the PlayStation Portable. While this seemed like a momentous time for longtime FF fans all over the globe, the games were only announced for Japan.

Thankfully for FF fans in the Western Hemisphere, Square decided to open up the party a little and today announced that the two games will be coming to the US this summer. The new PSP version of Final Fantasy will ship to stores on June 26, and its sequel will follow the next month on July 24. Both games will retail for $29.99.

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Bigmac5734260d ago

Never played I and II before

Lazy Day4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

A little steep on the price if they arnt going to put anything extra (sorry if the article says if it will have extras, page wouldn't load on my psp)

BubblesDAVERAGE4260d ago


Karebear4260d ago

Now the question is, is this FF I and II as they were numbered in Japan or in the US? I know the numbering scheme got out of sync in later ones, but I can't remember where that happened.

gta_cb4260d ago

but i know alot of people will be annoyed again about not having these games (as they live in the UK) so they will deff download the games off the net, as for me... im not really sure as to be honest im not really into FF that much, but doesnt stop me from trying them out

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