New Spider-Man 3 screenshots

TotallyPS3 were invited to the Activison offices on Tuesday to check out the progress of Spider-Man 3. Here's some new screenshots...

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LSDARBY3569d ago

The character animation and physics look really good, but the environment (buildings, roads ect.) look pretty bad the textures are awfull.

tihstae3569d ago

Not too impressed with this one yet.

sajj3163568d ago

character models are good, not great. I actually expected more from this game considering. Is Activision still living in the previous generation?

THWIP3568d ago

...these screens are not "new". :o

nicodemus3568d ago

Is there any way to keep the screenshots from automatically downsizing? When I click on the thumbnail, I can see the big, clear image forming, but the instant it's done, it shrinks down to fit the window (becoming jagged in the process). It only happens on Totally360, just wasn't sure if I was missing something...