Digital Foundry ~ PS3 Media Player Blitzes Blu-ray Specs

Yesterday Richard Leadbetter of Digital Foundry in a Twitter post hinted at the release of a new media capability for Sony's PS3. Today he has updated information with a new tweet and link to an article/video that states ~

"A couple of days ago, I noted on the Digital Foundry Twitter feed that enterprising coders had found a way to make the PlayStation 3 significantly outperform the Blu-ray spec by enabling video playback of 1080p material at 60 frames per second. The average Blu-ray movie runs at 24FPS while the system's 1080i conformity gives it a notional top-end of 30FPS. But PlayStation 3 goes way beyond that, seemingly without breaking a sweat....

Regardless though, it remains the case that for PS3 to be able to do this at all is an excellent achievement, and brings home a hugely important factor about the console's long term future. In the fullness of a time, a smaller, slimmer PS3 will be one hell of a powerful – and hopefully cheap – media player, also capable of playing some damn good games too. With DivX adopting the Matroska (MKV) file format for its HD files, realistically it's only a matter of time before PS3 offers native support, making the console invaluable for playing just about any kind of media thrown its way."

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waltercross3450d ago

First comment?, I'm scared!.

But Yeah I Think the PS3 Is powefull.

faisdotal3450d ago

Brother, this is a Dark Sniper™ moment, an ultimate realization of power that HAS to be narrated only by an informed one that WHAT WE WITNESS TODAY .... is a step towards the divine truth that the world has yet to uncover, until now, our silence can now be filled with praises that only the wisest ones can repeat off with great wisdom and guided intelligence.

1:1 motion tracking, 1080p/60fps motion video, PLAYSTATION®3 provides the most realest experience at your sofa with only a price of paultry price $399 of something that has the value of a machine of much higher cost. The remarkable fusion of both cuttting edge Software and Hardware is there, to bring you the technology of the epic future, into your living room. This is not just Sony Corp's. leading vision in the technosphere.

TheTimeDoctor3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

does anybody know if there is any hope of changing the file system? to make the ps3 the best media player, i need file sizes just over 4.0gb.