Does Lost Planet Wars exist?

Christian Svensson, Capcom's senior director of strategic planning and research, has said that part of the Lost Planet team is working on something secret, but it is lost planet related.

Back in February there was a rumour that popped up about a game in development called Lost Planet Wars from Capcom.

Word has it that Lost Planet Wars was a sequel to the chill-shooter released on 360 last year.

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gta_cb4141d ago

i personally didnt find the Lost Planet Demo that good so i didnt buy the game (mainly due to the controles) but i will deffinatly look into this one

razer4141d ago

You should really give the retail version a chance. Unlike the demo you can completely configure how the controls work including speed, angle and tightness of aiming and even set it to a first person like shooter control. I think Capcom tried to address the control concerns that people had with the demo and did a good job imo.

On Topic:
With them announcing it for the PC maybe this secret project is a PS3 version??

Robotz Rule4141d ago

I own Lost Planet for the Xbox 360 and love it!,but it's hard and challenging!LOL!:)

I hope a sequel is in or going to be in the works.:D