GF's Game Babe Gallery - Babes Playing Guitar Hero

GF writes: "We have no idea what it is about women and video game peripherals that just send us through the roof. But just about any fanboy will agree that the combination of girls and games rock!

Speaking of rocking, this latest feature obviously revolves around Guitar Hero. But we doubt it's the guitars you'll be checking out."

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Chriswsm3451d ago

Took me ages to realise that was a guitar in some of the pictures

MysticStrummer3451d ago

Now THIS is exactly the sort of cheap website hit bait that I want to see on N4G. Good work, mods. Now, we return you to your regularly scheduled PS3 bashing articles.

ian723451d ago

They are not playing at all. They are just posing. Nice though.

vgn243451d ago

But they are hot enough that I'll let it slide this time. They should have shown the chick in red. I'd have clicked sooner.

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