300 Recreated in World of Warcraft

We all love 300. That can't be denied. World of Warcraft is an aquired taste, but you still have to respect it. Anyway, some bright people decided to recreate scenes from 300 in World of Warcraft

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Norad64260d ago


TheWishman4260d ago

that was lame, its amazing that people have enough time to do something like that.

i wonder if the people that made it were people who hang out in Gamestop and make it smell like B.O

frostbite064260d ago

haha. Gotta love those d*mn people who dont take showers

ASSASSYN 36o4260d ago

WOW looks like crap. But that was cute.

id dot entity4259d ago

That was pretty awesome! Some things are done really good. Yeah, I like the video.