New Playlists For VidZone

SCEE adds new playlists, 500 new tracks to Vidzone

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Handsome_Devil3451d ago

Can't wait for this service to hit the Netherland.

Cwalat3451d ago

yeah, waiting for a release over here in Sweden aswell.

BS that they announce it for EUROPE when it's only released in SOME countries.

Kurisu3451d ago

Vidzone doesn't work well for me, it takes AGES to buffer things.

snaz273451d ago

i have 20mb broadband from virgin and when i click a track it start straight away and has never even jumped once, i would say your on a so called 8mb broadband, but if you do an internet speed test you will see you get max of 3mb, which just isnt good enough for these kinda things, i reckon you will have lag while you play online too with that connection, i recommend you go with virgin with atleast the 10mb broadband, its abit expensive but worth the money, also if you have it wifi it will also affect your speed, always go hardwired if you can.

sinncross3451d ago

South Africa falls under SCEE region and we're still waiting as well :(

chisox1003451d ago

when is the canadian release?