Red Steel 2 to have achievements

During a Q&A on Ubisoft's website, creative director Jason Vandenberghe throws out a hint about whether or not achievements will hit Red Steel 2.

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Product3307d ago

Good to see more Wii devs putting achievements in their games. Its about time.

qface643307d ago

personally i can't say im a fan of achievements/trophies they are worthless in my opinion at least the way they are now

BUT when the achievement system unlocks in game things then i like em much better

Product3307d ago

completely agree, that's the only type of achievement i care about.

SinnedNogara3306d ago

Glad to see more games with this feature. Personally I am trying to get a Platnium trophy on one of my games.

Hopefully they have achievements that pop up on the upper-right of the corner when you get them.

-MD-3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Wait since when does Wii have achievements?

Edit: I asked a question people don't disagree and run off without an answer.

SpoonyRedMage3307d ago

It's not a universal achievement system. It's done on a game-by-game basis and they usually unlock artwork or bonus stuff.

Product3307d ago

"It's not a universal achievement system"

True but the support for achievements are getting better on Wii.

Youg3297d ago

erm... the conduit has an achievement system, dont know if it actually unlocks anything but it has one lol.

MxShade3307d ago

I know many people who will buy the game now solely because it has achievements. That's become such a selling point for games now.

Product3307d ago

Your actually right about that. Many gamers look to achievements for added replay value, can't say I blame them.

GayASSAdmins3307d ago

tks 2 ms for making them so popular this gen.

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