Battlestations: Pacific gets two new DLC packs

Publisher 'Eidos' has just announced that 'two new download packs' are shipping in July for their "Battlestations: Pacific".

Featuring six new units and 18 new pieces of nose art, the Mustang Pack allows players to customise their battles in both single and multiplayer modes. Amongst the units, players can take to the skies in the legendary US P-51 Mustang bomber escort, a late entry to the Pacific campaign but one which made its mark in Europe as a deadly force; or control the seas with the US Navy's Alaska Class, giving the upper hand with a large and heavily armed 'cruiser killer'; or the Super Yamato Class, a huge behemoth of a ship which, had it left the drawing board, would have outclassed the Yamato in every way with the potential to be the most powerful battleship in history.

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