Nintendo Television Show Coming in October

It has been revealed today that Nintendo have purchased Channel Five's new primetime quiz for £2 million, with a new Advertiser-Funded Programming (AFP) arrangement. A new milestone for interactive entertainment, the show will be used to promote Nintendo DS titles.

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mgirl3450d ago

I think this is a really interesting idea. A Nintendo themed quiz sjow (asin, brain training style questions, not questions about Nintendo!) would do really well over here. There might be issues with product placement though, especially if they get them to answer the questions on a DS or something!

SpoonyRedMage3450d ago

I would totally dig a Nintendo themed quiz show.:P

Yer, this is a good idea and it means they have at least one show ready if they decide to bring their Wii/DSi video service to the UK.

Kurisu3450d ago

Nintendo's advertising division is amazing. Everytime I turn on the TV I see Wii / DS adverts. So much so that I'm getting fed up of seeing them!

Suga Shane3450d ago

Hmmm. perhaps a game that lets you connect to servers controlled by the game show so you can really play from home.