Third World of Warcraft Expansion (WoW): The Cataclysm

Blizzard Entertainment have registered the trademark Cataclysm, its related to World of Warcraft (WoW) The Great Sundering better known as the Cataclysm. Which was a world event which reshaped Azeroth approximately 10,000 years ago at the end of the War of the Ancients..

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Alot of indications says that “The Cataclysm” is the next World of Warcraft Expansion, and it is water based, according to book World of Warcraft: Lands of Mystery, and Mealstrom.

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Da l33t Monkey3451d ago

Good thing Blizzard isn't milking WoW..

jav09183451d ago

Official word from Blizzard that that is what the trademark Cataclysm is about?

Antar203451d ago

Now, that's funny... Blizzard, you fail...

Farsendor13451d ago

i don't see how blizzard would be milking it the amount of content the patches plus expansions is unbelievable most people still aren't completely epic out on lich king and its a lot easier then burning crusade.

xdye0173451d ago

Whats so nice about WoW? its so gay.
No story, ugly graphics, buggy gameplay.

dreamtheater873451d ago

No story? WoW has the most richly created lore of any gaming universe that springs to mind. Just because you don't read anything doesn't mean it lacks story.

danarc3451d ago

Well to start, there is probably a lot more story and lore to Warcraft than you would realise, it's just done in a different way to most games in WoW (shown in quest descriptions, in dungeons etc), if you had played Warcraft 1,2 or 3 you would see a lot of the story done in a more linear way.

The graphics are a bit outdated for a four year old game, but the art is fantastic, every zone looks unique, and to be fair there have been graphical updated in each expansion (better shadows, better particle effects etc).

The only bugs I've found in WoW is armour clipping (rarely, and usually gets sorted out) and getting stuck somewhere (between rocks for example) and not being able to move, which is sorted by pressing the character stuck button, so not much of a big deal really.

It's worth at least playing the trial and seeing if you like it (worth trying even if you dont plan at all on getting it because of monthly fees too :P).

Myze3451d ago


I'm assuming you mean rich lore in the game itself, because there is an MMO called Lord of the Rings Online you know, and the lore around LotR is more than Warcraft. If you are referring to lore in the game, I would say FFXI has more than WoW (since a lot of Warcraft lore isn't really in WoW, other than vague references), although FFXI in terms of size is also probably 10x as big. Note, I'm not saying anything about quality of games. (although I think WoW was better than LotRO, LotR lore is far beyond anything warcraft could come up with).

edit: Oh, I also forgot about Warhammer Online. While the game itself doesn't have a ton of lore, the Warhammer universe is probably bigger than all these games' lore combined. As well as Star Wars Galaxies, upcoming Old Republic game, upcoming Star Trek mmo. There are just too many MMOs with huge huge amounts of lore to compare them, which makes sense, since the point of an MMORPG is to make you a part of a "living" world.

Percy3450d ago

Even the realm of Lotro books comics games does not beat warcraft lore. I have a feeling you have never actually looked how much warcraft lore is out there. FFXI really does not have much for in game lore until you get to end game because you do not do quests to lvl you get zero involvement until you try to do expansion missions which if you can get a group for suck trying to complete. i played ffxi for 4 years and never finished rize of zilart or CoP. Warcraft lore is incredibly deep and very east to get sucked into i encourage you to listen to some of it. warcraft radio has a podcast entitled But wait there's lore if you listen to one of there episodes you might get sucked in or check out the scrolls of lore website/forums. WoW is the only rpg ive ever felt like rping in since pen and paper.

danarc3450d ago


Lotr lore > Warcraft lore

Theres loads to lotr too, read the silmarillion.

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Dead_Cell3451d ago

Go read up on Warhammer 40,000 and see how WoW is just a drop in the ocean compared to that.

danarc3451d ago

I'll admit to not knowing WarHammer 40k lore, but there is an awful lot of Warcraft lore, you should check it out on, theres LOADS, and its pretty good :)

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