No new suits in Super Mario Galaxy 2

"Those hoping for more Mario suits in the upcoming Galaxy 2 will be sorely disappointed as there will be no new suits in the game states Miyamoto."

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Product3451d ago

lol we get Yoshi, but yea Im disappointed as well.

RedPawn3451d ago

Hope Bowsers kids are bosses again.

Kamikaze1353451d ago

So Nintendo is charging $50 for an expansion pack? That's not so nice, now is it?

Xander-RKoS3451d ago

Other developers have done worse, much worse. Remember the .hack games? 4 games, $200, for essentially nothing more than just story, mechanics never changed in such a way that impacted the game. There's also plenty of sequels that will just offer a new weapon or something and call it a day.

The game is looking like it will have a greater emphasis on Yoshi, which is cool, since he's the new mechanic of the game, and hopefully there will more to flying Mario. I loved SMG, so even just a flat out expansion wouldn't be terrible.

samura3451d ago

The company loves to reap money out of customers. They always come up with cheap ways like that Wii Gun thingy. At least now its a game.

Nintendo: "Let us divide this game into two parts, people are idiots and Mario always sells"

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The story is too old to be commented.