No Damage in Gran Turismo 5?

Reader derrickgott007 had a little PM conversation with one of the GT devs (skebe) over at the official PlayStation Forums.

It went something like this:

derrickgott007: People are already exploting the no damage to ruin the leaderboards….There are videos on Youtube on how to get 1.07min lap times by fence riding and going full speed into the turns to riccoceht off the fence….Please put in damage to stop these people.

skebe: Sorry for not being able to respond earlier… didn't know until today that this forum had a PM feature

Although we're not ready to implement damage until they can be shown in a truly authentic way (which is extremely hard work if you think about it), we are doing our best to avoid these kind of 'cheating' to take place.

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power of Green 4137d ago

I never knew GT was a SIM i thought if was just a arcade racer.

MikeMichaels4137d ago

But read the article folks.

The article is about damage in "GT:HD", and how the blogger wishes it was in so people wouldn't ride walls to get faster times.

It says nothing about damage and GT5. The writer is just twisting information and making an "ass"umption. Or he's miss informed about what GT:HD is supposed to be (ie not GT5).

Here's a few quotes....

"Although we’re not ready to implement damage until they can be shown in a truly authentic way (which is extremely hard work if you think about it), we are doing our best to avoid these kind of ‘cheating’ to take place."


"No I mean, really really really hard work… to the extent of creating another game, almost. From our standards, what other racing games are doing is ’simplified damage’. You know how **bleep** we are when making our games… we would want to simulate every single dent differently"

Sounds like their working on a serious damage model to me.

BlackIceJoe4137d ago

I think this is a big mistake. I know lots of people that think not having damage makes the game worse and I have to say that I think that is true. Damage makes the game more life and GT has always been about being a life like game and even if adding damage means people have to wait longer for the game I think people would do that.

Tut4137d ago

I would say I have to agree. When I was watching those DIRT videos posted a little bit ago and saw literally no damage I was really disappointed and actually very turned off. Not even a broken windshield or a dented door, seriously how could you get away with that?

I like seeing things get smashed when I ram into other things... what can I say?

Leathersoup4137d ago

You obviously haven't seen the video of Dirt where they actually show the damage engine in full effect.
Basically the guy hits 2 trees. After the first tree his vehicle is mashed up and not performing well. After the second it's not functional and he's out of the race.

Compared to Motorstorm where your car reappears magically healed I'd say that makes the game much more challenging.

Sevir044137d ago

there is none like it on the planet. as you drive and you smash into other cars and things you litterally see your vehicle get trashed and worn and torn apart it also affects the performance of your vehicle. the only time you "Magically reappear" as you claim is when you chrash which looks spectacular might i add or fall of a cliff. which brings the acrade racer to a much more realistic sense. Dont be mad because there aint a game on the xbox360 that does what motorstorm does. thats why you all wish you had it. still dirt looks interesting and i'll probably rent it just to see if it's anything like Motorstorm.

Tut4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

No, I have not apparently. I would appreciate it if you link me to somewhere I could view this because as of the two gameplay videos I would not buy the game because of the lack of any damage during gameplay. I would purchase GT even if there wasn't any damage though; I just love the games.

Thank you in advance.

Leathersoup4137d ago

@ Sevir04 yeah I'm crying that the Xbox doesn't have any racers with one gameplay mode and cruddy online support ;) jk

@Tut Here's a link to the gameplay video. The quality's not the best and you need to sti through a bit of the description first but it's there. http://gameplanets.blogspot...

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xg-ei8ht4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Well to be honest, seeing how they are pushing next gen, sim blah blah, this should be a full on damage title.

Think this is a bad mistake.

I play toca 3 online, and there are other problems ,like being rammed and push u off the track all the time.

But thats against other ppl.(idiots)Who do not slow down at bends. Which stops it being realistic,(Meaning if you wanted to win a race or title, you wouldnt go on ramming ppl) Thing is with toca, if u do get rammed, 9times out of 10, you'll end up near last. But its still fun.

But there should always be a damage system. Otherwise you can do anything you want, which is very stupid.


Leathersoup4137d ago

For these authentic games, the software developer houses need to licence the cars from the auto manufacturers. When this is done there are certain stipulations as to what can be done with the car in tha game. I'm sure there's clauses to ensure that "there won't be dead babies nailed to the hood of the car" or other things that might hurt the image of the auto manufacturer.

As a reason I'm sure most of these companies don't want their vehicle to appear damaged in the games. As a result I'd imagine that they would ask that the vehicles in game not be damaged. They probably have a price incentive to not have the models damaged. In other words, to have our vehicles in your game you must pay us x amount of money per copy sold, in order to have the vehicle WITH damage you must pay x+y per copy sold.

So it's either the folks at Polyphony Digital are cheap or they can't program a damage model. Take your pick. ;)

InMyOpinion4137d ago

I think you're on to something. Most car manufacturers are very sensitive about having their car models damaged in games. Particularly the wind shield. Does anyone know why?

made4137d ago

the reason why car manufacturers don't want their cars damaged is because it would give the people that play the games, which are either potential buyers of their product or will be in the future, a since of vulnerability and weakness in their product which in a car is not a very good quality to have.

no_more_heroes4137d ago

Then why does Forza Motorsport 1 and 2 have damage?Granted the devs said that doing so cost a lot of money to get the car manufacturers to allow that. But it is still done in them

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PS360PCROCKS4137d ago

wow how lame is that! Your knocking the competition because it has damage? Who cares how they do it or if you could do it better, their STILL doing it which is more than your doing.

cuco334137d ago

then it'll be a HUGE let down. i have enjoyed GT series since the first one and 2 things have always stuck out... 1 is damage, the other is online play. i'm sure GT5 will have the latter, but no damage is ridiculous

wall riding all day long for a "sim"... shame