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Koku Gamer writes: "The Koku Gamer Podcast is a go. In the first "Koku Cast" episode, Dylan, Yousif, Joey, Adam, and Aaron get together to discuss Starcraft 2, PS2 emulation in PS3, Fable 3 being mentioned in the New York Times and much more. Also, Aaron and Yousif talk Street Fighter in this weeks debate."

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WengYong3452d ago

Not a bad effort, Things will get better in the future. Dunno about anyone else, but I loved the debate !!! SF4 FTW !!!!

Ziriux3452d ago

Yea, I agreed, never was a fan of the Street Fighter series until 4, one SF game I wasn't a noob at and could actually learn and beat someone. I'm sure the previous titles were easy too, but SF IV was somewhat more simple.

Dark General3452d ago

Naw SF in general has been pretty easy to get into (except for all the incarnations of SF3 which was tech heavy and considered one of the best fighting games ever). SF4 is pretty easy to get into but hard to master like a good majority of fighting games.

Icemael3452d ago

Listening to it right now. The sound quality is kinda meh, but hopefully the content will be awesome.

DeadlyDevil3452d ago

congrats on ya'lls first podcast

TheDarkCynic3452d ago

I think you guys had some great talking points throughout. Of course the sound quality is going to be a bit sketchy, your all on Skype! But seriously, the debate sets you guys apart as a podcast, and makes you unique. It actually had me looking forward to the week ahead. Now, get it on iTunes so I can get it on the go!

Skivvo3452d ago

I think it's fantastic, very fluid movement through topics & all round discussions. Very informative & pretty much to the point of waht you want to hear about. Apart from the minor lag issues, it's brilliant, especially for the first episode. Congrats!!

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