Exclusive Titles by Company: Microsoft

Shawn Osborne (Moe-Gunz) gives us a break down of exclusive titles by company. Giving us gamers something to look forward to in the future. First off is exclusives for the X-Box 360.

"We as gamers know the most important thing in this industry is games. For many gamers the deciding factor, for the choice of console is the exclusives. Sony and Microsoft have many exclusives for this year and the near future. Microsoft has always been delivering with games, but post E3 the biggest concern was the lack of games. Sony, when it first came on the scene with the Playstation 3, suffered from a limited library. However since 2008 Sony has really aggrandized its game library. With E3 done and over, we now have seen most of what both companies is offering. One thing is apparent; gamers have a tremendous amount of games to choose from. Let's take a look at some of the exclusive titles each company is offering."

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