PSA: New Xbox Live "Free Microsoft Points" Scam


"Tonight, I have received two seperate messages from two seperate friends over Xbox Live who are unfortunately in danger of having their accounts hacked. If you see the following message, just delete it and do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT go to the URL in the message. The message reads:

"For Free Microsoft Points Go To

************** (scam url)

I Just Got 3200 Microsoft Points"

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Rob Hornecker3451d ago

Thank you for this post,I'm glad someone starts to bring this subject up. I get atleast one of these messages a week and delete them pronto.

You know with all the down time maitanence that microsoft does with XBL that they would get wise to these scams and figure out a way stop this garbage before these messages get out there.

Remember the old moto.if it sounds to good to be true,then its a scam! Nothing is ever FREE!

dannyhinote_133451d ago

I'm sure they're looking into it. It's probably a balance of blocking the spam messages, while at the same time, not blocking actual user messages.

IdleLeeSiuLung3451d ago

You mean like how Paypal does it or any other bank... oh wait!

criticalkare3451d ago

Thanks for the heads up I haven't got those messages yet, and i'll be sure to delete them. :)