inFAMOUS Gets Famous With Amon Tobin on iTunes

While it's old news that electronic artist Amon Tobin was tapped to write music for inFAMOUS, OSV has taken a long hard look at the iTunes soundtrack release, featuring music from Amon Tobin and a number of other composers. The dark and gritty soundtrack really matches well with the rest of the game elements.

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Lifendz3455d ago

I didn't hear the variety of music that much throughout the game but when you have the soundtrack you really pick up on it.

Hudahudahuda3455d ago

I loved this games tunes. They didn't come on that often but it made them much more enjoyable when they did.

Dipso3455d ago

The soundtrack is great but I really didn't like the choices they made in regard to its implementation. The decision to have it rise and fall dynamically is nice but given the nature of the game it left the player with far too much game time in relative silence. I found myself at certain points in the game hiding in cover, abstaining from killing enemies just so I could hear a tune play out. The lack of options to adjust the sound effects/music volume was a mistake too, I had to crank the sound way up in order to hear the music,it would have been a nice option to turn fx down.

Sony knew they had a killer soundtrack on their hands with this game, they advertised it enough, so why was it not a more prominent feature in the game design? I bought the OST myself and its superb but it is a mere sampler of how much music was actually recorded for this game, which was apparently around 3 hours worth. Hopefully the entire soundtrack becomes available in the future, Amon Tobin + Rhythmic industrial + Orchestration = Great!