Mike Tyson Speaks Out

Iron Mike Tyson may be best known for his pudgy body and singing talent this summer in the box office smash, The Hangover, but the former heavyweight champion of the world is back in fighting form in EA Sports' Fight Night Round 4. The new boxing videogame for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 allows players to pit Tyson against Ali for the first time.

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saint_john_paul_ii3449d ago

now I see why he bit Holyfield's ear...

I wouldnt mind seeing Mike Tyson as a special Character you can unlock in GOWIII after you beat the game.... it would be very visceral...

RememberThe3573449d ago

Mike Tyson is a Sony fanboy.

FamilyGuy3449d ago

He's real, you know what i mean? Actually answers a question with "I don't know" and still boastful saying basically that "someone who knocks lots of people out like I did needs to pop-up before heavy-weight gets good agian"

This actually increased my interest in this game from, "absolutely not going to buy it" to "I'll try out the demo and see who on my friends list picked it up"

RememberThe3573449d ago

Mike Tyson is the f*cking man.

Elimin83449d ago

And he would whoop Ali's a$$. Yeah I said it..

Rifle-Man3449d ago

I like how Snoop kicked his ass in Fight Night: Round 4.

360 man3449d ago

damn tyson lost his daughter recently.

i feel sad for him

ShinFuYux3449d ago

I can imagine the interviewer getting frustrated with his answers.

dktxx23449d ago

What did you expect from a guys who's job involved getting hit in the head repeatedly?

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The story is too old to be commented.