Cerebral Gamer: Wii and Shooters

When the Wii Remote was first unveiled, one of the most intriguing genres it could be used for had to be, without question, the shooter. The Remote's IR functionality seemed a hand-in-glove fit for games that involved gunplay, to say nothing of the complementary uses of Wii's motion control abilities or Wii's online functionality. Alas, the Remote's potential has largely gone unfulfilled in this area, although gamers are finally beginning to see hints of promise.

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SinnedNogara3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I wish the Wii had more third party support, and was like the N64 when there were many shooters on the Wii (Doom 64, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Turok). Even though the N64 was second, and used cartridges, the games came. The situation is similar for the Wii, but developers keep making stuff for the other systems, even though Red Steel, Call of Duty, and apparently The Conduit (100,000 units in it's first week) are selling well.

I think Nintendo should open a new hardcore studio (like Retro) or something like that.

Oh and Hudson keeps making kid shooters (water warfare?? wtf??)

na-no-nai3449d ago

i hear you man. maybe we should created our own game studio and fulfilled that stuff man cuz every 3rd party publisher, except for like Sega and HVS and a few others, dont bother trying to make games for nintendo. maybe nintendo need to show them who the master of making video games

SinnedNogara3448d ago

I like how High Voltage and Sega are making games, but I don't feel enough is coming. High Voltage can only make so much, and Sega makes a lot of stuff for the PS3/360. We need a second Retro that makes FPS games.

[and Konami needs to port Metal Gear to the Wii and DSi]