Battlefield 1943 Date to Be Confirmed Tomorrow

GOONL!NE: EA's confirmed that they'll be sharing the release date for Battlefield 1943 tomorrow.


UPDATE: EA UK has confirmed to GOONL!NE that an official announcement will be coming at 2pm BST today (July 2nd).

UPDATE 2: EA have confirmed the game for July 9th.

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Kushaholic3368d ago

You know what i find to be not so suprising, that they had a release date of June 09 and never live up to it well looks like if xbox gets it a day early i will be playing it on there and on ps3 the next.

caliblue153368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Look, we broke the news over 4 days ago of the correct release date of this game.

Buttons3368d ago

A date announcement within a date announcement.


el_diablo3368d ago

I hope it will be next Thursday ... :)

darkwing3368d ago

whats this about announcing announcements?!?!?4!

Solans Scott3368d ago

I get comfortable with a release date it always changes. My only hope is that I get to play this title soon as it is easily one of the most anticipated titles on PSN.

micro_invader3368d ago

Uhh, hasn't this already been confirmed for 9th of July.

Here's the story;

caliblue153368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Drum roll please! BF1943 will release next week the 8th for X360 & the 9th for PS3!

Congrats DICE, we already knew this!

peeps3368d ago

well we did but then GVD said that the date was incorrect or something lol

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