Rumor: UFC to ban fighters that sign on for EA's MMA

Joystiq writes: "There's been a pretty crazy rumor floating around. originating from the forums. The rumor states that UFC will blacklist any fighter that chooses to be a part of EA's upcoming game, MMA. That means should any fighter sign up to be represented in EA's game, they won't ever be endorsed by the UFC or asked to join. Crazy, right?"

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360degrees3452d ago

Everything from the Incredibly deep fighting system(grappling, slams, submissions, clenches, strikes, kicks, etc..) and the great graphics to match the gameplay. Even the little details such as the announcers and hit detection was spot on. I can't wait to see what EA's game MMA can bring to the table, but as it stands now Undisputed reigns as champ in my eyes

IdleLeeSiuLung3452d ago

I must be dense for this types of games, but to me the whole game moved really slow and I couldn't bear to like the game.

Perhaps it is just not my game genre.... my cousin though plays this game every day! I just can't see why it is good. Before people hit the disagree button, this is my personal opinion and experience.

inbetweener3452d ago

Dana White is an immature control freak. Remember when he cut Jon Fitch because he wouldn't sign away his likeness for the UFC to use in perpetuity for no money?

Poopface the 2nd3452d ago

they are already in the UFC game. From what I hear its a good game. We dont need EA having everything for their games when the have the NFL license. I loved NFL 2k games.

Give then a taste of their own medicine.

ArcticWolfUK3452d ago

who cares if ea have every sport game
2 games are better than one, right? you just buy the better version, who cares about the developer tbh

Greywulf3452d ago

because tehre is no reason to up the quality for the game. They can .. nevermind.. google "healthy business competition"

TheDude2dot03452d ago

Note for the squeamish. Don't google image that.

RustInPeace3452d ago

For an actual career move, that's pretty dumb. Why blacklist someone just because they are in a VIDEO GAME?! Competition in the real world rings is one thing, but in the gaming ring, how can you hold it against someone who wants a little exposure? I just hope that these kinds of stories don't turn into the Madden fiasco (lawsuits over this and that.)

gnothe13452d ago

hey come on now, lets not make the UFC outta the bad guy here. look how EA BOUGHT the rights to use the NFL players just because 2K was hot on their A55. its about time somebody pull punches(no pun intended lol) on EA instead of just letting EA steamroll their way into something. just like 2K had to use generic no names then so should they(EA) give them a taste of their own medicine!!

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The story is too old to be commented.