New Heavenly Sword Screens

Here are some Hi-Res screen shots of the upcoming PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword.

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techie3895d ago

Not REALLY hi-res...they are compressed. But still, looking good. Bring back 8xAF n I'm happy. With HDR you've got different lighting at diff stages, none of this fake bloom sh*'s all real babee - so with the sun high the shadows are darker, when it's low you get the glare. It's all interchangable by the artists. Nothing has been downgraded. Ps. pre-alpha screens

SmokeyMcBear3895d ago

in the immortal words of stimpy... "Joy"

that and... mmmmm. ass cheeks

Dlacy13g3895d ago

This game definitely may be the killer app Sony has been looking for. Time will tell of course, but so far it is looking great!

Honeal2g3895d ago

i love games like this kinda reminds me of Rygar which is the first game that i picked up when i purchased my ps2 seems like this will be the first game i pick up with my ps3 later this year

INehalemEXI3895d ago

Gamepro had those images up last week but the cheeks do rock.

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The story is too old to be commented.