IGN: History's Great Empires: Rome Review

IGN writes: "The History Channel's a relatively recent addition to the gaming industry, as its signature branding's only been seen in game stores for the past two years or so -- starting with the requisite World War II fare like Battle of the Pacific, but then traveling a bit further back through time to bring us tales of war and conquest from some of our world's most prominent past societies. But this story of the Roman Empire falls flat, as the official History logo does little to lift it out of its mediocrity in design. Some strategy fans may want to give it a look since it's priced at a reasonable level of just 20 bucks, but most gamers will want to steer clear -- its rough interface with touchy touch controls, confusing navigation, hands-off combat and mostly frustrating mini-games all come together to form a title that is, ultimately, better left in the past".

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