Top 10 Worst Video Games

This retro-oriented list describes the ten worst video games of all time.

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DDP3337d ago

Oh my goodness! How is Paperboy on a WORST VIDEO GAMES EVER list?! That game was awesome. Agree with Shaq Fu though.

Samus20803336d ago

Paperboy is waaaay overrated.

JockamoTwo3336d ago

Paperboy was the best. Those who don't appreciate it are TOO YOUNG to understand.

Kriller3337d ago

Joust? Are you serious? That game was tits.

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Volvobug3337d ago

Where's Grand Theft Auto.

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SnuggleBandit3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

oh let me guess you must play games based on how well they sell

big surprise...

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waltercross3336d ago

I Actually liked Joust, It had 2 players to :)

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BenCrazy4243336d ago

This list sucks, I didn't even see action 52 which IS the worst game ever made for the fact that some games you could never pass and some games didn't even play. It also cost people $200 DOLLARS!!! I also do not agree with some of the games on this list like paperboy. Seriously?

RememberThe3573336d ago

or Aquaman for God's sake? Those games were balls.

ButterToast3336d ago

lol so much moderation today.

GCNSeanFoster3336d ago

That Top 10 list is pathetic... Are these kids gamers? I could think of 50 more games worse than those...

Xbox Avatars Shoe3336d ago

LBP... just kidding!!! I remember when IGN gave it a 9.5 fans of the "other" brand were literally saying "9.5 FLOP!" seriously WTF was up with that?!

Anyways, Monsters vs Aliens was REALLY bad! I got the Platinum but that damn game had 25 levels but they were all EXACTLY the same 3 variations 3 types of levels.

hay3336d ago

Fail list. There are some neat titles and first spot is inarguably Big Rigs.

otherZinc3336d ago

Fatal Fury, Paperboy, & JOUST on anything is stupid.

Elevator Action was one of the best games that generation. I put many quarters in that game growing up.

This is another site that cant be trusted.

kunit22c3336d ago

this list fails... Paperboy? are you serious?! i had so much fun with that game, dont you dare put it on this list.

cRaZyLeGs 933336d ago

WHERE IS BIG RIGS? For those who don't know how bad it is, here.

Chrisny853336d ago

this list is void. paper boy?? pleeze

they should add cod [email protected] =P lolz


locos853336d ago

I loved paperboy...

They should add Goonies 2. I remember my parents bought me that game when I was little, but that game was absolute garbage. I can't forget those weird rooms I used to get stuck in.

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Son of Odin3337d ago

LMFAO on the part about Fatal Fury:

"The characters were poorly conceived, the after-fight dialogues were a monstrosity of Van Damnesque platitudes, and the final boss was about as scary as a 4th grade trick or treater in a Wonder Woman outfit. Y"