Three new Forza Motorsport 3 screenshots

Microsoft and Turn 10 published three new screenshots from Forza Motorsport 3.

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JokesOnYou3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Its going to be a helluva ride in October with me behind the wheel. I really like the Forza3 logo too....I kinda want to order a leather sports jacket with small logo on the front and a large Forza3 logo on the back.


Trebius3452d ago

Theres one or two pics that look a little bad...but overall they have a nice look. I wont be playing it...considering there are better racing games coming, but thats not to say it doesnt look good.

FZ3 comes out soonest though, so maybe it is worth a look til the best comes along. Warm up a little.

All Time Greatness3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

"considering there are better racing games coming"

"so maybe it is worth a look til the best comes along"

Trebius, help inform me.

Every since Forza has become a has been the highest scoring racing game out has yet to be outscored by another Racing Sim....

So help me understand what "better" racing games are coming? Or maybe you like playing pretend that is true, regardless of the facts...because Forza is only on Xbox 360?

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All Time Greatness3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

GT3 released back in 2001..... lol Forza didnt start competing until GT4(which Forza beat). Gran Turismo has been receiving worse scores every since Forza became a franchise because GT focuses on unnecssary things like having 800 cars that nobody needs while Forza has better physics and 3 times as many features....while still maintaing 400 cars(which is still too many also).

Every since Forza 1 has released, Gran Turismo has lost. Each franchise has had 2 releases since then. And Forza 3 is EASILY going to be the best Forza ever made in features, customization and amazing graphics. They haven't even announced all the career/online features yet! XD


Fair point, but surely the 95 shows that Polyphony have the potential to make GT5 an awesome game too, no?

I apologise for my previous comments, but it makes me angry how both games haven't even been released, yet Forza is automatically better...

Both games WILL be brilliant, why can't we leave it at that?

Bring on the disagrees.

Bnet3433452d ago

I don't see how anyone can deny how great this game looks. Those screens look like real life cars, it's amazing. I don't really care for cars or physics, not really a car, but I just like the online community and the auction house Forza 2 brought and I hope Forza 3 brings that's back, I'm sure they will.

Camper3452d ago

Another photomode with bullshots
Nice job turn 10

tuglu_pati3452d ago

I'm buying my new X360 with this game. This games is looking so amazing, Forza 2 was great and this one is going to be even better. Forza 3 FTMFW!!!

Perkel3452d ago

@ All Time Greatness
yee yee cars are unnessesary for a racing game..
yee yee better physic (looking @ E3 F3 Arcade feel of physic)
yee yee more options looking @ one button driving (wtf ?)

Racing game is all about cars and tracks dude you can't deny it.

Gt4 was compared to GT3 dude because didn't had competition at all. So just play your Forza2 or Forza 3 enyoy it and stop whining about other games.


Pics look great

tuglu_pati3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

@ ^^^^^
"Gt4 was compared to GT3 dude because didn't had competition at all."

Forza 1 and GT4 came out on 2005 and apparently GT4 didn't even come close to the competition that's why it was compared to GT3.

Forza 1, 92%

GT4, 89%

"Forza is a force to be reckoned with, out-maneuvering "GT4" in several respects, and beating out everything else in the sim department on Xbox"

JOLLY13452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Nice find Tuglu

Sarcasm3452d ago

oh wow, 3% higher than GT4. That must mean GT4 is complete utter putrid crap because of those 3%.

Why cant we just leave it as this. Forza is the best racing sim for Xbox, and Gran Turismo is the best racing sim for Playstation.

Who cares about the stupid 3%.

JOLLY13452d ago

Sarc.....I still like your car, but buddy you need to calm down. They are both very good games and if gt changed a few things I would absolutely love the game. You realize they aren't going to quit, so just let them go at it. It's just too bad that some people take this stuff way too serious. I wouldn't say you are one of them, but come on...say a few funny things to rile up the kids, sit back and relax

AAACE53452d ago

I have played both franchises for a long time and Forza gets the nod! One of the main reasons is because I don't go out and buy the expensive steering wheels. So the game has to play well on a controller.

With GT, the PS controller is too touchy, making it hard to drive precicely. Also, the physics aren't balanced out. In real life, you can take the crappiest car, get it up to speed, pull the hand brake while going into a corner and powerslide! For some reason, GT games don't do this.

I have played both Forza games and it is clear that the physics are there! The controller works perfectly for racing games. The only thing that was missing from the franchise was great graphics... but it looks like that will be a thing of the past!

Perkel3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

@ Sarcasm

very true !

@ Tuglu PAti

"Forza 1 and GT4 came out on 2005 and apparently GT4 didn't even come close to the competition that's why it was compared to GT3."

dude Gt4 was compared to GT3 ONLY. When GT4 was out, there was no Forza title yet

GT4 American Relase date: February 2005
Forza Relase date: May 2005

Forza 1 was very good game and made competition with better physic but comparing to gt4 with 750 cars was like gepard to elephant

"didn't even come close to the competition" 3% diffrence.. yeaah didn't even come close...

Really stop whining and play games. I also have Forza 1 and gt4. I didn't put forza on my xbox about 3 years but i'm still playin' GT4 on ps3/ps2 from premiere and this is real score to me not fckn metacritic blog reviews. Forza 2 was brilliant with better graphic and even better physic but i'm still playin' gt4 after i end session in f2.

Play games not posts.

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outlawlife3452d ago

its called photo mode, they aren't bullshots if they are from the game

MGSR THE HD VERSION3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

imo, the game looks fantastic.

forza3 compared to the real stuff.

Why dis3452d ago

LOL before I seen the FZ3 logo I thought the top pic was the real life pic.

green3452d ago

I could not tell the difference.

Boty3452d ago

Both of those shots are from the game. Notice the background in the bottom one... The grass would be detailed even at that speed. FAKE. Nice try though.

JOLLY13452d ago

boty that bottom pic is actually real. They have shown in next to gt5 a ton of times.

BlackTar1873452d ago

lets not kid our selves the hood the tires the back end are all easy tells its a videogame shot. Lets tell the truth people.

JOLLY13452d ago

It looks fantastic to me. just more sun in the game pic.

Xi3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

on the forza shot it's red red blue, in the real life shot it's red blue red.

actually all the stickers on the forza model are backwards...

beardpapa3452d ago

are you referring to the NGK and the stars next to it? The stars is the Tamiya logo dude.

How can you not know Tamiya? j/k =D

btw I love knowing F3 looks this good.

BlackTar1873451d ago

But could you guys not see what i was saying?

The tires and back end and hood they looked real to you?

I still think it looks great but im not gonna kid myself it can look good and not 100% photo realistic come on people be fair to yourselves adn to the community its is really not hard to tell the differnce i guess maybe i have a nicer monitor i dont know

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Mandaspt3452d ago

Great screens for a great game.