The Lost Art of Innocence

"Fifteen years ago, with our Wolfenstein-level games, we'd scrub out some tiles and wrap an entire level in a day. If someone said, "Wait, I wish I could get from here to here," you'd just take some tiles out, and all of a sudden, he's there." – John Carmack, "The GFW Interview: John Carmack"

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calderra4256d ago

Two bits:
1) As said in the article, the indie scene is still HUGE. Look at successes from Diner Dash to Garry's mod. This "innocence" is not gone.
2) Would it really have been so bad for some Commodore developer back when to take two years to create some massive three-cartridge massively impressive graphical treat that would have wowed the entire world gaming community? Didn't think so.