God of War 2 dev gives real reason for no PAL HD-Mode

Yesterday Pro-G reported that the secret HD-Mode for God of War 2 was not included in the PAL release of the game. The official reason for its absence was the simple fact that there isn't enough space on the DVD for it to be included.

However, although being true, the God of War II developers have today issued a more detailed response outlining just why PAL gamers have missed out.

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Karebear4027d ago

"It should also be noted that when playing the game on a PS3 via a component or HDMI lead, it runs in true 576p and not just an upscaled version of 576i. The Enhanced Definition (ED) output is forced from the PS2 graphics chip which is why a lot of PS2 games - not just GoWII - will look a lot better. By contrast, if you boot up the US GoWII on an NTSC PS3 and switch Progressive Scan mode on, there will be no difference as the emulator is pushing the 480p mode regardless," the statement explains."

Suddenly I'd rather thave the Pal version...

techie4027d ago

""What this basically means is that the PAL PS3 is giving the best PS2 visuals you will be able to get anywhere!""

Hehe...576p isn't far off 720p you know. US 480p is LAME! lol

Bathyj4027d ago

Yeah, its awesome being Aussie. I still think this game deserves a full 720p update for the PS3. C'mon Sony, it would be the best possible way to play GOW2. Dont be surprised if it would sell PS3's

Violater4027d ago

GOW2 is an amazing game no matter how many #P your system pushes out.
Its a must buy for PlayStation and action/adventure fans.

tehcellownu4027d ago

since the hd mode doesnt make a different at god of war 2 is a great game,..

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The story is too old to be commented.