Qore Episode 14 – Featuring Assassin's Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, Lost Planet 2 and Battlefield: 1943

Playstation blog writes:
As Qore begins its second year on the PlayStation Network, this episode is all about sequels. When a developer succeeds in creating an acclaimed title, the pressure is on to repeat that success. But making sequels isn't easy. Change too much, and you risk alienating fans of the original title. Change too little, and you'll be criticized by gamers who want something new.

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Genesis53452d ago

Qore is a pretty good deal if you get the yearly subscribtion. For 2 bucks an episode you get a really slick video magazine and a lot of free downloads over the year. Veronica Belmont is pretty easy on the eyes as well.

mistajeff3452d ago

I agree, I bought the year and didn't regret it at all. It's cool when they throw in free games, like Syphon Filter, or access to betas.

[email protected]3452d ago

Well, let see what are holding this month for this issue... I can't wait.

saint_john_paul_ii3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

qore is a pretty good Digital Magazine, its a nice set up, but it has its flaws, one flaw is lack of content. When I mean lack of content, i dont mean Xmb themes, Betas, wallpapers, demos, full games..... Im talking about more videos, like reviews for games and stuff. i would be in content if they get those US PlayStation magazine editors to port their reviews to Qore as video reviews. Yes I understand that Qore and the US PlayStation Magazine are suppose to differ from each other, but Qore is a Digital Magazine, it should have stuff like this.

Another Flaw about Qore is that to get Qore, you have to go to the PS Store to subscribe, and download the episodes under the "GAME" Icon of the XMB. Qore should have its own XMB icon under the "PSN" icon since its a PSN service. once I select Qore on the XMB as a first Time User, it should automatically tell me weather I want to subscribe or download a stand alone issue. if I select Subscribe for qore, it should automatically take me to the PSN shopping Cart, then pay for the Subcription fee there with my PSN wallet. after this, the episodes should be listed like an RSS feed similar to the RSS feeds on the PSP XMB, but with all the episodes that were made for Qore so far. when you select an episode, it should allow me to download it and install it right there under the Qore icon.

As for it being standalone, If I select the Qore Icon, then select download a standalone issue, it would be similar when it shows me the list of all the qore episodes made so far, but WHen I select one of the episodes, it will tell me weather or not I want to buy the episode. I select yes, then the Shopping Cart screen should appear and allow me to buy the episode and download it.

episodes that you buy as standalone should be highlighted in color, episodes that you dont buy, should be highlighted in Black in White. When you buy a yearly subscription to Qore, from the time you bought the subscription till the last episode of your subsciption should be highlighted in color, while the other episodes that are not part of your subscription will be highlighted in Black in white. The OS should also tell you if you want to buy another yearly subscription for Qore when you hit the final episode that is part subscription. wouldnt it be better like this?