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A Good Summer for 360 Owners

May through August are normally not a strong months for game releases. Well, it looks like that won't be the case this year for Xbox 360 owners.

Startinging in May, a number of anticipated games will be hitting shelves. Hit the jump for titles and dates. (BioShock, Blue Dragon, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, Forza Motorsport 2, Mass Effect, Shadowrun , Stranglehold, The Darkness, Too Human, Two Worlds, Xbox 360)

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munish23  +   3026d ago
Looks like its going to be a good summer. But I am not so sure about Too Human's release date, I think it will be released later rather than in summer.
sovietsoldier  +   3026d ago
oh ya!
coolaid, oh ya! xbox360, ps3 oh no!
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Skizelli  +   3026d ago
That comment is unnecessary. Comments like that only spark fanboy wars. It's getting old.
Balance  +   3026d ago
they almost have to release it during the summer though because you don't want to release too human in the midst of the fall (GTA, Halo3 etc..) it would get lost. if it is going to be a popular game it needs to release outside of the time frame of the block busters, that should keep up hope for a summer release.
Honeal2g  +   3026d ago
Summer 2007
someone some where i know has built a time machine let me in on it plz... (360)555-5555... Omg i can't wait

<current systems>
Xbox 360, Ps2, Dreamcast
sovietsoldier  +   3026d ago
u got a dreamcast....lol loser!
Honeal2g  +   3026d ago
/points and laughs
Dreamcast and loser in one sentence ....sigh, you must be the unlucky one who did not have the pleasure to play Quality games (Power Stone 1 & 2, Shenmue 1&2, Skies Of Arcadia... o god brings back memories
Sphinx  +   3026d ago
Power Stone
One of the best games ever... I still have my Dreamcast, too!
Dareaver1  +   3026d ago
Just like the real don imus, stupic comment alert!
The dreamcast was one of the best consoles, a lot of innovative technology was in it, the first online capable console, the vmu's were awesome, the controller totally has made it impossible for me to go back to sony's controller, and if you don't know MS bought the patent from sega, that's why if you squint hard enough you'll notice that the 360's controller just has 3 more buttons and a second analog stick (which i think was a huge improvement on the original). The games were brilliant and extremely fast, never a slow down in framerate and always smooth animations. Powerstone 1&2 awesome, virtual tennis made my thumbs bleed, the first 2k series sports games. Dreamcast brought a lot to the gaming table, it's just a shame it was destroyed by the hype machine and it's emotion engine (capable of doing toy story graphics in-game, what a joke). So don't put down the dreamcast, it's legendary!

P.S. I still have my dreamcast!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lucidmantra  +   3026d ago

Dreamcast is a piece of genius machinery that got hit with alot of back media from Sony... And Sega was still suffering massively from the errors of their Saturn console (I loved the saturn too and untill last year had 2 saturns with over 100 games for it...But I ebayed it to make room for new-gen consoles) I still have my Dreamcast though and when i goto Game Crazy I often find a game or 2 for it i don't have yet (my collect for DC stands at 70 currently) to bad it was ahead of its time with the online play and browsing thing. It only took SOny 10 years to rip off Segas idea. Anyone who is a n00b like DOn Imus would say what he said... anyone whos played some the the very very legendary games like Phantasy Star Saga, Radiant Silvergun, and the SHenmue and Power Stone series wouldn't say that about a DC.
sabbath420  +   3026d ago
what's wrong with a dreamcast?
Dreamcast was agreat machine. Blew ps2 out of the water. the only thing that dreamcast lacked was enough support. to many retards thought that the ps2 was god.
hulk_bash1987  +   3026d ago
Games set to break the Summer Slump Chain
Looks like my 360 will be put to gud use this summer, there are three games i'm genuinely excited about. Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, and Too Human. Heres hoping these are acurate realese dates.
tehcellownu  +   3026d ago
you mean PC and PS3 owners roo
3 games on the list is comin to the PS3 spiderman 3 stranglehold and the darkness..and most of all of it is on pc too..lol..
hamburgerhill  +   3026d ago
Most of what games are on pc? I don't see any games here for pc other than maybe spiderman!
TheMART  +   3026d ago
Dude... On pc?


*Command and Conquer 3 - 5/8
*Shadowrun - 5/29
*Two Worlds - 6/25
*BioShock - 8/21

Not so much for:

*Forza 2 - 5/15
*Mass Effect - 6/19
The Darkness - 6/25
*Stranglehold - 8/1
*Blue Dragon - 8/1
*Too Human (Part 1) - 8/6

Although all blockbusters, including those for PC, the exclusives on the 360 are in majority!

Forza 2, Mass Effect and Too Human alone would do for me the coming months, but the list is even longer... damn...
Black Republican  +   3026d ago
damn im going to spend a lot of $$$$ this summer on video games lol
AudioRage  +   3026d ago
don imus
the dreamcast is class!!
Honeal2g  +   3026d ago
Well said
Great choice of words. could not have said it better
Lacarious  +   3026d ago
I have a dreamcast too... that system rocked. Not sure how or why it died so fast (just like everyone will scratch their head after the PS3 is resting in a coffin) but it sure did have some kick azz games for it. Dreamcast is where I started playing 2K.

this is still not enough games for the 360. all the really good games come out in the later half of 07.
techie  +   3026d ago
You lucky buggers! Don't go bankrupt.
THAMMER1  +   3026d ago
We wont
The 360 only cost $400.00. Not bad for only one month worth of bagging groceries. Could you imagine if the 360 costed like more than that. There would be no money for games.
techie  +   3026d ago
lol nice one. You got them lined up havent you. Was a compliment tham, doesn't need to turn into little wars all the time.
GameJunkieJim  +   3026d ago
Dreamcast FTW.
Currently have on the TV=

360, Wii, Dreamcast, XBox, PS2, NES, and a borrowed PS3.
id dot entity  +   3026d ago
Forza 2, Mass Effect, The Darkness, Stranglehold, Blue Dragon, Too Human and Bioshock? In ONE SEASON? /me hopes on a rainy summer.
GaMr-  +   3026d ago
Just kidding. Yeah that line up is looking killer. I can look forward to my little brother hitting me up all summer for money to buy all those games. Its all good. I got alot of cars he can wash. hehe
hamburgerhill  +   3026d ago
What is up with that nice azz pic? Where can I find the calender or site lol?
techie  +   3026d ago
lol i find it funny you're all looking at a pixelated butt...you're on the internet! "The internet is for porn"
GaMr-  +   3026d ago
You gotta find a girl with an arse like this thats willing to pose for a picture... thats what I did.... ; )
SmokeyMcBear  +   3026d ago
assparade.com..... the internet is a good thing.
r1000  +   3026d ago
Living in NJ I take advantage of my summers... In other words, I'm not cooked up in my house...

Hiking, Cycling, beach going, BBQ's, Pool, work on the house etc etc... good thing these games aren't going anywhere.
Black Republican  +   3026d ago
so what about all the great PS3 games then???

what are you going to do when all the great PS3 games come out this summer for the PS3???
r1000  +   3026d ago
Uh.... they're not going anywhere either....

I just played God of War "1" for the 1st time, 2 months ago...
SmokeyMcBear  +   3026d ago
whats this "outdoor actitives" you speak of? I've heard of a magical being named the "sun" but I have yet to lay my eyes upon such a thing. Ha, seriously, during the summer, Its a 9-6 job, get home eat.. watch the tube, maybe play a game, more than likely not, and the weekends are for the beach, barbeques, baseball games.
Captain Tuttle  +   3026d ago
Great lineup...
From a great website.
Boink  +   3026d ago
i'm gonna be broke...
sovietsoldier  +   3026d ago
why is playing a out dated system cool? and if you have a ps3 u wont see a hardly any games.
Honeal2g  +   3026d ago
The games replay value is just that good thats one reason to play Dreamcast still and i dont know about you but i don't play games to be "cool"..its about the enjoyment and gameplay, But thats just me. Also ps3 just came out so give it some time, I doubt it will be as dominant (in the games department) as its predecessor but it surely will perform. to be honest i am hoping for a really close outcome that way we all win , except for the Wii i will admit i hate that system. I just cant stand Nintendo that controller is kool for like 15 minutes but gets bored from then on.
Odion  +   3026d ago
lol ok to be fair Shadowrun wouldn't have as much behind it as it does if it wasn't for the game being the first cross platform game!!

But ya I am buying

Too Human
Mass Effect
Blue Dragon

and even though it doesn't have its release date I've heard that Eternal sonata is suppose to come out in july.
Fanboys are gay  +   3026d ago
its a good thing i wont be paying for these games hah ah ah aha haa
Honeal2g  +   3026d ago
Question about Shadowrun
I really don't see the greatness in this game. It looks bad game mechanics look sick but graphically retarded i don't understand how this game can look soooo bad.
snoop_dizzle  +   3026d ago
This is awesome.
My b day is in the summer so ill actually have money to buy these games.
Silver360  +   3026d ago
They must have heard the griping
From last summer. Just keep people happy with software and you will make money. Mass Effect and Forza 2 Gaming happiness. The rest will be there when I am done with these two. Oh check out
some funny stuff and they talk about video games and have interviews too.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   3026d ago
Great list of games, not too sure about Too Human though. Oh to anyone saying "their also on PC" your right they are, and it will only cost you $1000 to get the graphics the same, on top of your $600 PS3. So give me a break
Black Republican  +   3026d ago

if you consider gaming a good summer then take a look at it this way

it will be a good summer for PS3 because alot of great games are being released

it will be a good summer for X360 because alot of great game are being released

as for the wii <-- i would be dissapointed

as for me I can think of many more things that will make my summer more fun then gaming : )
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overrated  +   3026d ago
Same here. :)
zonetrooper5  +   3026d ago
Tis a good summer for the Xbox 360, i won't have any money until my B-Day in the summer but hey who cares. I got a new graphics card which is keeping me happy :D and the Dreamcast died because many of the devs were angry with Sega for ditching the Sega Saturn i think it was called after 3 years for the Dreamcast, secondly, EA was very cautious on releasing games on any Sega console as they did not sell too well. Another reason is the hype behind the PS2 by Sony which made sales dip and because Sega do not advertise enough in Europe, USA and Japan so many people did not buy it even when there was a price drop in USA but not in Europe when the PS2 launched.

Sega made many bad mistakes, if you see them mistakes happening to Sony, MS or Nintendo then you know they are in trouble.
grifter024  +   3026d ago
HAHA funny..MJ you laugh at people saying they have a better summer then other people.. And then at the end you say you have a better summer then other people.. HAHAHA .. Umm thats called being a hypocrite.. Good JOB gold star :) ... Its not the point of who has a better summer.. I dont think anyone plays games 24/7 so thinking thats all gamers do is dumb.. Yes hicking and jogging is good damnn I do it.. Plus play halo2 .. The point is during the summer game consoles have "Droughts" because game dev's are getting ready for the Holiday season.. Its better to shape up a game and send it out during Nov and Dec then June and July.. Get your head straight people.. I am going to have to do something though.. Im gonna have to stop working on my car and save some money looking good....Forza, Mass, Bio(scary!!), Halo3,maybe darkness
THAMMER1  +   3026d ago
My b-day is in july and my SON is due in AUGUST.
So I'll have a great summer. 4-5 new great games and a new baby boy who will be just like me. THAMMER2 LOL
socomnick  +   3026d ago
Congrats on your baby boy .
The_Firestarter  +   3026d ago
it'd be nice to have a few more of those 360 games come to pc. :)
It's all about the --

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