SOCOM Confrontation DLC

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting information on the SOCOM: Confrontation DLC pack and today we're happy to announce that DLC will be available to the community later this summer.

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ghostface3453d ago

Been playing this game nonstop for the past 3weeks. Finally got a couple of trophies, which are not very hard to get, just a bit time consuming. This is the only game that made me put down COD-WAW.

locos853453d ago

I haven't played this game in a month. I played it non stop for about 4 months but the lack of maps to this online only game got me tired after a while. You can bet I will buy the DLC first day.

Joni-Ice3453d ago

I play Socom all the time however I'm not interested in the DLC until I get the patch 1.5 to fix more issues with this game. Its not like you are giving us the DLC with patch 1.5 Right now your just giving me promises but not delivering on them.

Lanontscuz3453d ago

I have been waiting for more maps and 1.5 to be up and running already >< ..hope its cheap and the maps are good...gonna need to practice again before I buy the DLC

_Q_3453d ago

Everytime I try to leave you. You tell me youve changed and tell me you want me back. Worse part....I fall for it....

flip-it33453d ago

but once I saw a snow covered vigilance! oh man! that was almost enough for me to forgive them on how long it took. ALMOST