Gaming Bits: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

Gaming Bits writes: "Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will give you a tremendous open world to explore and plenty of gameplay. The best thing is you don't have to go at it alone, thanks to it's open online multiplayer options. It's hard not to compare Sacred 2 to a game like Diablo, but this is really the first worthy Diablo-like game on the Xbox 360 (also available on the PlayStation 3 and PC). The hardest part may be sinking into the first few hours of gameplay. Look past some of the initial barriers such as the overwhelming menus and voice acting, and the addictive adventure will grow on you. If you're looking for a large-scale fantasy adventure game with highly customizable characters and many hours of gameplay, go forth into the gates of Ancaria with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel!"

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