When Does It Become Too Much? - Call of Duty Milking

Badassgamerblog: "New IP's are risky business, sequels to successful games are in a better financial position in the market due to their already established popularity, however when does continued spamming of games become too much?"

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bmatthews3455d ago

Ahem, I quite agree with this article...

HeavyInfamous3455d ago

should just stop, there I said should stop after MW2

Donga3455d ago

it's simply silly of Activision IMO(the biggest milkers right now), EA are much better now...and that's saying a lot.

Salvadore3455d ago

I don't really see the issue here as there are 2 different development teams, given 2 years of dedication. IW are releasing MW2 this year, while Treyarch is developing the next title scheduled for next year. It isn't as if they are treating like a Madden, minor upgrades annually.