Sony Partners With MMO Studio For An Online PlayStation 3 Game

Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan is funding a first party MMO for PS3 and a casual game for PSP.

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Pennywise3457d ago

They keep partnering up with companies... do you think maybe we can have one of these games already? Sacred2 is just not going to cut it.

Godmars2903457d ago

Tons of console MMOs announced, but yet not one actually out to prove that they possibly viable.

Marcelles253457d ago

but mag, dc universe, the agency are suppose to come out late 09-early 010 but id really like to see legends of glory (that monster hunter like game for people who didnt read the article)
that would be nice

ghostface3457d ago

I'll be happy if they would just release Free Realms. Never play an mmo, so i figure Free Realms would be a nice place to start, but on a console of course. I just can't seem to play video games on a computer.

ChozenWoan3457d ago

So many upcomming MMOs... so little money, so little time.

I just hope they go the micro transaction route with all these MMOs, otherwise I'll just keep playing my reg PS3 games. $60 for a game followed by monthly payments just does't add up in the "Bang for the Buck!" department.