Selling Sex

How can developers of erotic games get their products to consumers?

Scour the shelves at your local games store, and chances are you won't find many games about sex. That doesn't mean they don't exist, though. Sex-based games are actually on the rise. Attendees at last June's Sex and Video Games Conference saw everything from high-tech 3D simulators to sex on mobile to MMOEGs (massively-multiplayer online erotic games). And an even larger Sex and Video Games Conference is being planned for this year.

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wasted4256d ago

I'd buy that for a DOLLA!

wildcat4255d ago

now games will be blamed for sex crimes

level 3604255d ago

The sex industry is still probably waiting for that elusive ( make or break ) game format/fetish, and for the graphics to get that much more pleasing on the eye for the market to really push-on. Think at the moment most sex/y games that are out could have been more better in the polygon count. This will definitely get better overtime anyway and would sell very well once it's been improved. Sex sells, you and I know this...