Top Five Upcoming Nintendo Wii Exclusive Games

Associated Content: "The Nintendo Wii gets plenty of exclusive games thanks to the system's uniqueness and massive popularity. However, most of the Wii-only games are below average in terms of quality. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent exclusive games coming out that will satisfy even the most hardcore Nintendo fans."

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EvilTwin3454d ago

Whatever the heck Retro is working on is at the top of my list.

N4GAddict3454d ago

Hopefully, it's more than Metroid Prime Trilogy

Smacktard3454d ago

Zelda? Really? Nothing is known about the game. It could even be as terrible as Phantom Hourglass or Twilight Princess. I can't believe that Little King's Story isn't even on the list. Ugh.

ChickeyCantor3454d ago

phantom hourglass was far from terrible, easy but not terrible at all.
(neither was TP).

But to each his own.

LittleBigSackBoy3454d ago

i hate the wii with passion, but i loved TW it was amazing. it's the only game i've ever finished on the wii.

SpoonyRedMage3454d ago

Wooohooo! Crystal Bearers getting some recognition. This site wins just because of that.:P

LittleBigSackBoy3454d ago

is there a reason why FF CC games are all nintendo exclusive? i really want one for the PS3, i love the GC one.

qface643454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

they are exclusive to nintendo because its square-enixs answer for the main final fantasy games not being on a nintendo console

SpoonyRedMage3453d ago

Well it really comes down to the fact that they really wanted to make Final Fantasy games for Nintendo, I assume they weren't very happy with Sony at the time. I also think Kawazu(the producer) owns half the rights to the games and he wants to make them for Nintendo.

I saw an interesting theory that it's to stop Square employees going to Nintendo because if you look up Ninty's first and second party developers there's a lot of ex-square employees. Brownie Brown, Monolith, Skip, Alphadream and Grezzo Games all have ex-Square employees.

3454d ago
Defectiv3_Detectiv33454d ago

Crystal Chronicles has always been viewed as one of the weakest iterations of the Final Fantasy series

New Super Mario Bros. = 10sec novelty at best

Super Mario Bros. Galaxy 2 = I don't know many people that bothered to beat the first one

New Zelda = Zelda has been getting really dumbed down lately, the last challenging one was Majora's Mask

Metroid = The only one w/ some promise. We'll see what they have in store, but the last few metroids got repetitive. If you played the first one for gamecube, you played em all.

GFahim3454d ago

the same thing could easily be said for:



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