Analyst Questions Third Party Wii Support

Kaufman Bros. equity research analyst Todd Mitchell has described current interest in the Wii by third party publishers and the mass media as "irrational exuberance", in a new note to investors following a rise in Electronic Arts stock.

Mitchell's comments follow widespread reports of Electronic Arts' initial success with Wii specific titles, and the company's announcement that it would further increase support for the format. This has coincided with continued commercial success for the format, which remains sold out across the world.

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RealityCheck4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

It is funny to hear the term "irrational exuberance" used again. It brings back memories of Greenspan predicting the stock crash way ahead of people that were in denial. As gimmicky as the Wiimote can be for some games, it does add value for some other games like Wii-Sports. So I think the "irrational exuberance" applies here not in the sense that the Wii won't sell millions and millions but rather that people expecting it to redefine gaming will need to have a reality re-adjustment later on. It will sell a lot like the DS, furbies and other toys but it won't become what next-gen gaming is all about.

Karebear4143d ago

I finally got a chance to play Wii Sports Boxing and Baseball. It turns out I was giving the Wii WAY too much credit. I actually had thought it would precisely map hand movements allowing for realtime custom punches in boxing, and wielding a bat like a real bat with height adjustment, speed, power, etc. It turned out that there were set moves that the wiimote activated when you did set things. Kind of like wave the magic wand in the directions to do what a button push would normally. After experiencing this dismal showing of what I had heard people boasting about as "So Great!" at my workplace, I lost what hope I had in the Wii.

Maybe, I could live with subpar graphics and sound if the interface truly were revolutionary... but it wasn't. Have you played the boxing game at the arcade where you take the two "gloves" and punch in real time at the opponent? That was neat. This was just blah.

Poor bubbles, we had a nice run together, but it had to be said.

tplarkin74142d ago

It is good to see an analyst go out on a limb and examine the product rather than sales. The word "irrational" is dead on with respect to the hype for the Wii. It is accurate since many Nintendo fans now argue that graphics are not important. This after they complained about Zelda Wind Waker's cell shaded look. What they don't see is Nintendo's complacency in justifying poor graphics with a motion sensitive controller.