Head 2 Head - inFamous Vs. Prototype (Cole Vs. Alex)

While the games are similar, the two heroes are decidedly different in what they can do and how they can do it. What would happen if Alex ran into Cole? That's the question ALT+F4 attempts to answer.

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xjoshbx3457d ago

Of course alex would kick coles ass... look at what all he can do!

BUT cole's game kicks alex's games ass. Both are great but inFamous was a better game.

Syronicus3457d ago

Have to argue that Cole might be able to hold his own against Alex and in fact might be able to kick his arse into next week. I dunno, it just seems like I could stand and root for guy like Cole rather than Alex. Alex is such a douche if you ask me.

Greywulf3457d ago

Hes the incredible hulk afterall.

himdeel3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

...Alex would have to get pretty close to Cole not right next to him but close enough to use his whip arm. Cole could keep blasting Alex to keep him at a distance but Alex has a shield that he could use. Although Alex would have to contend with Coles force push which could repel Alex or anything he'd throw at Cole.

Alex couldn't use guns on Cole they would be a waste of time and give Cole unlimited power.

I think if Alex can get close enough to Cole he could mess him up. But Cole also has his gigawatt blades and could do some damage to Alex as well. Alex has a close quarters advantage while Cole has the advantage at a distance in my opinion.

I think it could come down whether or not Cole could contain Alex long enough to light him up literally and drain his life or if Alex could brutalize Cole quick enough keeping close quarters while keeping a minimum distance between them.

Cole doesn't have as many powers but they would allow him to hold his own against Alex given the right conditions.

Livenow3456d ago

Wow, you totally went 6th grade who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Wolverine with that comment. Bubbles for putting in the effort.

And btw, Cole would win hands down. If you've played through Infamous you've seen what kind of powers Cole is going to have.

himdeel3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

...I know Cole could just use "Suspended Justice" on Alex but didn't want to really go that far with it :)

JoySticksFTW3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Up close and personal - maybe Alex wins... unless they were standing in a puddle (insta-death to anyone standing in a puddle with Cole)

Distance - Cole wins hands down. And I'm not even talkin' evil Cole...

I'm saying Good version Cole with Shock Grenades with built-in Arc restraints.

And with "the fire 5 Megaton Hammers and redirect with lightning" move, Cole can be down the street and around the corner - expose himself for a quick second and duck back into hiding, dealing massive deadly damage to Alex before he knew what hit him.


OH, and Spider-man wins with super speed AND strength. And with his spidey-sense, Wolvie would have a hard time even touching him.

Wolvie's acute senses would help though, and he may only need one hit with claws if they were fighting to the death.

And Healing Factor would NOT be an issue. It doesn't work like that... not when I was reading Xmen anyways.

And Hulk >>>>>> Superman, Thor, or Silver Surfer ;P

Nerding out is fun!! :D

mintaro3456d ago

Ummm...isn't Alex alot stronger and faster then cole? And if I'm not mistaken isn't he able to change his biomass into a giants piece of armour, a heavy shield, blades, metal clubs, and an extendo arm?

Seems to me that Cole does not stand a chance, and I haven't even talked about those much publicized super moves that Alex can do.

Tarasque3456d ago

How much better is Infamous than Prototype? Cause i was thinking about renting it but if it is way worse than Infamous then i will have to skip it.

dalibor3456d ago

And the winner is... Selene(Kate Beckensale from Underworld), just looking at her would freeze her enemies b/c she is hott :)

stevenhiggster3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Just a thought, but surely if anything metal touched Cole it would mean insta death for whoever was holding the metal, or in Alex' case, whoever is the metal? So therefore Cole would win on account that Alex can't touch him without being fried.

Silver3603456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

just hijacks a helicopter, targets Cole shoot 3 or 4 missiles fights done. Oh just for arguments sake how would Cole target Alex? It is hard to hit a moving target with those blasts. And Cole just dies to damn easy.

JoySticksFTW3456d ago

Shockwave blasts can easily repel larger projectiles (like missiles), and smaller projectiles are simply absorbed by Cole's Shield.

And Cole doesn't need to actually hit Alex. Just like a missile doesn't need to be a direct hit to be effective normally.

The Good version of Cole has a weird added dimension to his upgraded powers call Reverse Magnetism.

Upgraded Shock Grenades and Shockwave blasts have RM which causes anyone caught in the blast radius to actually float helplessly high in mid-air for a few moments. If that happens, Alex is done. They have Trophies for the different ways you can kill a floater :)

Also Megaton Hammers (which are basically electric missiles) and Lightning Storm have large powerful blast areas - and Cole can be safely around the corner, out of sight or behind protection to pull them off.

Now Evil Cole is all-out carnage with powers like splitting grenades for a larger blast radius and the like

If Alex can close in on Cole, then I'll give him the nod. But that's a huge if...

Cole has close combat powers, but he's designed for long-range mayhem and keep-away tactics that help him take apart close-combat brutes in inFamous with ease

Fun conversation! Bubbles to all above :D

JoySticksFTW3456d ago

I think it's just Cole concentrating, but in the game Percision effectively slows down time for Cole leaving enemies at his mercy as they suddenly move in slow motion wide open for attack.

Besides, Cole takes out teleporters - I don't think super speed is going to bother him

Jaces3456d ago

When you can summon lightning bolts from the skies above....well you know.

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Beg For Mercy3457d ago

is really a lot better than prototype whats the point of having all those powers if alex is so hard to control, the targeting system in prototype was really bad and the graphics were so bad it didnt really feel like your were killing anything important and the side missions were not very fun at all.

Raz3456d ago any case, Jim Sterling already did this on Destructoid. Months ago. And it was a way more entertaining article. Find some new material, ALT-F4.

Trey4Lyfe3457d ago

it was much easier to connect with him

360 man3457d ago

from wat ive seen

infamous definately looks like the better game

xabmol3456d ago


Are you feeling ok?

LevDog3457d ago

Ok but my one argument is... Is Alex made of rubber? Can he deflect electricity? If not.. One stun shot or one shot from Cole and Alex would be out for a bit, The Cole could just come up and take his life force..

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