topatoi - A New Platformer For PS3 Will Be Available From 2nd Of July

"topatoi is an arcade platformer where you have to control a gyroscopic vehicle that looks like whirligig. The unusual multidimensional abilities of this device will help you overcome puzzles and platforms in original and inventive ways. In contrast to 2D platformers, topatoi gives you a freedom of a full 3D world. Puzzle, platformer and arcade fans will be gladdened by the mixture of unforgettable adventures across the mysterious Great Tree and variety of arcade bonus levels......."

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Lucreto3452d ago

Looks interesting if it is fairly priced I will buy it. I love platformers.

callahan093452d ago

I remember seeing a trailer for this a few months ago. Is it coming to the NA store tomorrow, too, or just EU?

sunil3452d ago

Have seen this quite some time back.... tv ads actually...
like Lucreto said if its fairly priced ... will jump on it

dragonyght3452d ago

have forgotten about this game

Cajun Chicken3452d ago

Aha. I heard about this one a while ago, looked interesting.