Tekken 6 offers nice visuals on PSP

The PSP version of Tekken 6 sports some nice visuals. Cynamite has put up some new screens to prove it. Enjoy!

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Kurisu3451d ago

They do look good for a PSP game, although I'm sticking to buying the PS3 version :D

Marceles3451d ago

Same for me, I'm not surprised about the graphics though. Tekken 5 looked good on PSP too.

ABizzel13451d ago

PSP screenshots never do the games justice. PSP games look A LOT better in motion than they do in stills. Anywho I can't see why anyone who owns a PS3 or 360 would get the PSP version over the console versions, if they were going to do this then they should have brought the PSP version out when they first announced Tekken 6 at the arcades. Hopefully they'll do some kind of PSP to PS3 thing, so I have a reason to give me a reason to at least rent the PSP version.

San Frandisco3451d ago

ill be getting both as tekken dark ressurection was awesome..

rajman3451d ago

I hope the PSP version has Game Share like Tekken 5 did, great to take the PSP on the go and play mates who havent got the game

ABizzel13451d ago

I didn't know Tekken 5 DR had game sharing, if that's the case then I'll buy Tekken 6 for PS3, and Tekken 5 DR for PSP even though I have it on PS3.

CobraKai3451d ago

After so many years, the psp still impresses me

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