Ghostbusters the Video Game - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: Ghostbusters The Video Game for Nintendo Wii really shows the difference between the three consoles. While the 360 and PS3 version delivered realistic interpretations of the beloved characters, the Wii outing opts for a more cartoon approach. This is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact it works extremely well considering the limitations of the hardware, but it will not be for everyone. Everything else about this version follows the normal trend of Wii ports with a few exceptions. Bottom line is, if you own either of the other versions than this one is probably not worth picking up. However, if you are a Wii only customer, this game has a lot going for it that makes it a worth addition to your library.

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darthv723454d ago

You dont have to be a wii only customer. It is a matter of preference. I have all 3 systems and will be getting this for the wii because I like the art style they used. Reminds me of the cartoon. Considering the storyline, I feel it is better suited for the wii.

Let the 360 and ps3 owners duke it out over graphics while the wii gets the "fun" version. Isnt that what all these games are supposed to be about anyway? FUN!

ZeroTolerance3454d ago

I found it much more fun on the other consoles, which I also reviewed. No need to get bent out of shape because I liked the other ones better. You want me to respect your opinion right?

darthv723454d ago

Gee, did it sound like I was bent out of shape? I wasnt trying to come off that way. I can respect those who like the more complex versions. I just seem to find it fitting on the wii considering the nature of the content. From the general synapses of the story, it fit the wii's persona.

From a personal POV, I grew up with the movie. My kids are really digging the style of the wii version so it seems only fitting. Easier to pick up and play from that perspective. If it were just me...360 would be the one. Wii looks like it will provide fun on a different level than the others.

Respect to you for calling me on my first post.

ZeroTolerance3454d ago

No I totally see that, I just didn't want anyone thinking I was disrespecting the Wii version, it is really a lot of fun. I was reviewing it more from a Ghostbusters fan mentality. I really loved the movies, and seeing my favorite characters onscreen in full HD was sweet. Plus I loved the mechanics more on the 360/PS3 versions.