Face melting deal: GHWT guitar and mic for $50, today only

Everyone's favorite plastic peripheral purveyor Red Octane is having a bit of a deal today. The normally $60 wireless guitar and $20 wired microphone for Guitar Hero World Tour (across all platforms) are being offered together in a $50 package -- today only..

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red5ive3424d ago

that chick looks gross

Serjikal_Strike3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

lmao... looks like that deal melted her face...

RustInPeace3424d ago

I thought I was looking at a superimposed old man face on a chicks body! Egad! BTW, who the hell is going to rush out and buy a guitar and mic "today only?" Who the hell does that benefit? By the time people read this, it's already over!

Rifle-Man3424d ago

That chick is a boner-melter.