Important Importables: Long live the Dreamcast

Gamertell's June 26, 2009, column about noteworthy games and gaming gear imports focuses on Dreamcast games.

The article suggests a few places to buy a system, how to play imported games and a couple places where you can get games.

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GWAVE3451d ago

Dreamcast is awesome. I'm glad I still have mind.

Though, I'm puzzled that the American media is quick to worship this console which sold barely 10 million worldwide, yet they turn around and spell doom for the PS3, which has sold more than double...

SuicidalTendencies3451d ago

That's pretty simple if you think about it. SEGA, like Nintendo, is a loved company cause of how long they been around and all the nostalgia that goes with it. Sony is seen as a evil corporation kinda like MS. Maybe not to the extreme like MS but still an evil corp none the less.

I still have my Dreamcast as well. The Dreamcast is my favorite system of all time. I still play it three times a week at least.