2404: Necrovision Review

2404 writes: "So what do FarCry 2 and Brothers in Arms 3 have in common? Well, they are two triple-A titles I played recently that feel like triple-F next to Necrovision. Okay, so that's a bit of an exaggeration for dramatic effect, but to be honest, it's simply how it felt at times. Former People Can Fly developers that brought us the awesome Painkiller in 2004 have made a little thing that's akin to Painkiller on steroids. It's ironic that an open world game like FarCry 2 and a tactical game like BiA 3 are more repetitive than a linear corridor shooter; they are two games which I had to force myself to finish since I spent cash on them. In all fairness, Africa and the Netherlands couldn't stand a chance against fighting zombies, Nazis, demons, and vampires using WW I weaponry in combination with super powers and brutal melee attacks."

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