Ace Gamez Review: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

AG writes: "An original take on an arguably tired genre, Star Ocean; The Last Hope at least manages to do something very different with its battle system. The customisation options add depth and variety for those players willing to invest the time, and the immense, sprawling storyline will keep you playing for literally weeks, with the fact that it's a prequel surely giving fans of the series even more reason to play it to completion.

Let down by stock JRPG characterisation (particularly some very annoying supporting characters), a dodgy camera and a bitch of a difficulty curve, The Last Hope is nevertheless an interesting game for genre fans, which is both beautiful to look at and awe-inspiring in scope. All in all, it's another epic from Square-Enix to tide us over until the advent of FF XIII later this year - if you can get past the little niggles, there's a real ocean of fun to be had here. Sorry, I couldn't resist... "

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