Japan's Creators Spout Their Takes on E3

From 1up: "Hardware-wise, it was all about Project Natal," Suda said. "It's hard to really understand it unless you use it, and it remains to be seen what you can do with it, but I think it'll be a huge device. We developed No More Heroes with the Wii remote in mind, but now I want to think about games with Natal in mind. I have to ask myself, as a game designer, what new games can be done with this, what can be an interesting experience and challenge, and I'm looking forward to that."

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Sonyslave33451d ago

Watch japan is going to create a whole bunch of dating sims game with natal lol this might actually sell so 360 in japan.

El Botto3451d ago

Natal is a failure just waiting to happen.

People want to play Rockband, they dont want to play AIRband, kid.

And as for this ridiculous article, for every 1 Japanese developer 1UP finds that was impressed by Natal, you can find 10 that wants to make games for PS3 motion sensing project.

Balla bang.

"Its trench warfare out there, pal"
Gordon Gekko

Foxgod3451d ago

Funny that you mention rockband and airband.
If you ever played a guitar, you know how unrealistic the guitar addon for consoles is.
First of all you have to hold your hand against the body of the rock band and guitar hero guitar, thats just lol.

Youré not even supposed to hold your hand/arm against the guitar body.

Now with natal they can include the option to play rockband style, or real style, as in a real guitar.

How would it work ?
Grab your guitar (real one), hold it in front of the camera (natal)
it will then scan your guitar, and detect that you have a real guitar, and voila, you will be able to play rockband with a REAL GUITAR!!

Sonyslave33451d ago

They both love UBISOFT games Splinter cell which is a MS exclusive and AC2.

Stryfeno23451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )


Chicken Chaser3451d ago

No More Heroes dev jumped on board with Natal ... Niceee!

GWAVE3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Square-Enix was "on board" with Wii motion controls when the Wii first began getting popular, and look how that has turned out...

I'm still amazed at people and how quickly they changed their minds about motion controls and motion capture. Mere weeks before E3, it was still "casual", "pointless", and "not something the hardcore would play". Nowadays it seems that people would rather play Natal than actual hardcore video games. What's the world coming to?

I speak the truth. I'd be more than happy to link dozens of articles before E3 that condemned motion controls/video capture. I'd be happy to link dozens of articles claiming motion controls would kill hardcore gaming. I'd also be happy to link dozens and dozens of YOUR posts, N4G members, who said that motion controls and video capture were useless.

Tony P3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

I have my doubts about motion controls, but I do not doubt Suda51/Grasshopper at all. If they make it with motion, I'll play it with motion.

@GWAVE: And you'd be totally right, but opinions change. Personally, I'm still waiting on the games to materialize. Hype means nothing without substance. But guys like Suda and Hino, devs who don't really make casual games, taking an optimistic look at the tech is encouraging. I mean, Suda for instance went to Wii and DS, but his games never went casual. There's something of a bright spot there.

Pizzagaki3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Your only forgetting a couple of things.

1: Wii motion sensing sux and got no HD, 360 is HD, and will have good innovative motion sensing.

2: your a horrible fanboy, with very low standards, your opinion is worth as much as a poop stained brick.

green3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

"I'd be more than happy to link dozens of articles before E3 that condemned motion controls/video capture. I'd be happy to link dozens of articles claiming motion controls would kill hardcore gaming. I'd also be happy to link dozens and dozens of YOUR posts, N4G members, who said that motion controls and video capture were useless."

I urge you to pls look for those articles and when you find them, pls look for a comment from me condemning motion controls.Right before E3 08 when the 360 motion control rumor started, i have always been anxious to see what they will come up with.Why? because graphics are great the way they are but it's only controls and user interface that needs to change for game development, character interaction and player immersion to move forward.

In fact it should even go the other way round,you so called hardcore gamers come on N4G everyday claiming to want innovation and new features from developers and console manufacturers but once something new comes along you are all up in arms saying "we don't want it","it sucks" and best of all "things are fine the way they are".

byeGollum3451d ago

that was a nice article to read...

Thugbot1873451d ago


Hardcore Gamer is someone who will play any or a particular genre of games despite the platform or interface even if the game is aimed at the casual market they basically live and breathe video games.
Casual Gamer is someone who plays a video game here and there, and may have on occasion even done some all nighters for a particular game. They generally favor games they can play without a lot of effort in remembering how the game play works if they haven’t touched it in several months or weeks.

Hardcore Games generally cater to a particular genre, in many cases to the level of geekdum. It’s something it would take a person new to the game a little bit to get into. In many cases these games are cutting edge but don’t have to be.

Fanboy is a person who is bias to a particular brand and will fanatically support it and will only buy games from that vendor despite AAA titles being on another platform; generally having a limited view of what a good game should be and from whom it can come from in order to be classified as good.

Casual Games general focus on ease of use, and are easy to jump into and pick up and play for almost anyone.

Some genres of games are geared more toward hardcore gamers such as FPS and some are geared more too Casual gamers like unrealistic racers. While this may be true you can find hardcore games in Genre that many would consider casual.

So will hardcore games go away with motion controllers NO! Hardcore games do exist with motion controllers now, Zelda on the Wii comes to mind. With something like Project Natal I can see it being a great interface for RTS on consoles, controller just doesn’t work for these type games. Controller games aren’t going away with the intro of motion controls; Nintendo has a game pad as well as the Wii Mote are you forgetting? Just because you hear something from countless fanboys on N4G doesn’t mean they speak for all Hardcore gamers.

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Stryfeno23451d ago

It looks like Natal could be the success MS dreamed it to be. If they don't put the right software, Natal will tank faster then a drug addict. However, if Natal gets adopted by the public, I could see it pushing another 30 mil 360s out the door.

THC CELL3451d ago

keep dreaming

we all no how this will turn out
ps3 and its wand will stamp xbox and wii

i dont think its the end for ps3s offer
i see a upgraded cam and a board and more coming

and as for the pedo sim pff keep it
playing with little boys u disgust me

Chicken Chaser3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

ps3 and its wand will stamp xbox and wii?

Just like the ps3 is stamping the xbox and the wii now...right? hahaha

I swear to god you guys live in another planet

Stryfeno23451d ago

I'm trying to get a one way ticket to that planet but its seems my IQ level is a bit to high. *sigh* :(

Sonyslave33451d ago

lol sony purple dildo is going to flop hard nobody talking about it expect 2 or 3 playslaves site.

Pizzagaki3451d ago

True, the success of a product can be measured by how much is going on about it backstage.

When the DS was shown, developers where baffles, and everyone started to mess around with the prototype to see what they could come up with for it.

Now its Natals turn, because theres a whole lot of buzzing going on around Natal, while the ps3 motion sensor gets virtually not attention at all.

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