Review:Fight Night Round 4...Toe-To-Toe In The Ring (TGH)

TGH writes:
"One of the main complaints of "Fight Night Round 3? was the lack of a working, interesting career mode. And, I'll hand it to EA Sports, they really listened to a good amount of our wishes this time around. Starting out in the new Legacy mode, you can now import user created boxers (both local, and via Xbox Live/PSN), as well as un-include legends like Ali, Tyson etc. etc. This for me was a big problem in "Fight Night Round 3," as I hated starting a career out and getting Joe Frazier as my rival. Knocking out Frazier four fights in row in the first round, does not make him my rival. It was also annoying that I had no control over whether or not I wanted the old timers in my career mode. So that is a great option this time around.

The customization in "Fight Night Round 4? is terrific, for the most part, including ..."

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