Blizzard explains Death Knight Patch 3.2 changes

When asked by to explain the changes Patch 3.2 will bring to the Death Knight, game director Tom Chilton said:

"More than anything else we're just trying to make sure we balance Death Knights relative to everybody else. Of course we want Death Knights to feel like an awesome powerful class, just like any other class.

"People mention the fact that they're a hero class, but to us what that means is, well, they have their own special starting experience – they start at level 55, which is very heroic compared to other characters. But that doesn't mean that at the end game they're supposed to be more powerful. We've found there were areas of the game we felt like they were just too strong, so we're trying to balance them just like we would any other character class."

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MRMagoo1233450d ago

pallies piss me off i swear there basically warriors with healing and magic abilities but then all bliz do is nerf warriors.why are there no comments on here does noone play wow.

MRMagoo1233450d ago

one more comment i think they should make pallies highest armor mail that would sort em out a bit lol

Cheeseknight283449d ago

Brilliant idea, that way Blizzard can waste hours of time removing tons of healing plate drops from raids and quests.

You should work for Blizzard. Maybe then you can remove all cloth drops!

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