skate Interview

Every once in a while, a game comes along that redefines how gamers will look at its genre from that point on. In the same way that Fight Night reinvented boxing games, EA hopes to do the same to the skateboarding genre with skate. Featuring physics and gesture-based dual-analog control, the game aims to put gamers into the shoes of an actual skater and put the focus back on individual tricks rather than massive, unrealistic lines.

IGN had a chance to fire off a number of our most pressing questions to EA Black Box's Scott Blackwood, executive producer on the game.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4261d ago

Tony Hawk is dying(unless they make some changes).
I love skating games.(i luv free skate mode)
the more realistic the better.
this game really could become a AAA title like Tony Hawk once was.
the way it`s looks while your doing runs is amazing.

i want some hands on previews.
or a demo.

Ban Me4261d ago

Check out the skate page on mate. They have lots of info on this game, including a hands-on play test (although it looks like a early build). Loads of screens too.

I'm really looking forward to this game. The TH series is definately getting a bit stale. Project 8 was a semi-return to form but it's still the button-bashing-trick-whore fest that it's always been.

Skate seems to be about the enjoyment of skating, which is something I'm all for.

Just need a decent snowboard game now (Amped 2 was the last good one... Amped 3 sucked surf-bum-stereotype balls)